An End Of An Era.

I begun writing posts on this blog in 2014, and since then I have been a mediocre music reviewer.

I love music, don’t get me wrong, thanks to this blog I have such a varied and incredible taste I find my playlists are some of the bizarrest things I’ve listened to (think Metal transitioning to K-Pop and you will understand my playlists I guess).

I like to think through this blog I’ve introduced someone to something new and found a new earworm sometimes, however I feel like now is the time to stop. I’ve loved writing on this blog and really enjoyed the experience and getting to hear new music before anyone else does but also share bands that deserve to be heard.

I feel like I’ve been in denial about how I feel about this blog for some time, there is this quote which is similiar to ‘the artist has two deaths, their death and the death of their love of the thing they are passionate about’ and I’ve been dying when it comes to this blog and I feel ready to just let it go now and move on to the other things.

For me, I was never sure I was any good at this, I think sometimes I was too kind, but I just never believed that you should be rude about an artform or work as that is something someone crafted out of love.

I will keep the blog open of course for any reviews, but I will not be taking any more requests/PR.

Thank you for reading for my stuff if you have and yeah, I hope it wasn’t always terrible.


Review: NEWMEDS – Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind.

Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind EP.jpeg

NEWMEDS this week release their heaviest music so far with these three tracks that released this week through Man Demolish Records.NEWMEDS turn their angsty style of punk ‘n’ roll into a hyper-focused conduit unearthing themes of self-forgiveness, physical health, mental health, and drinking culture. 

Brutal from the moment it begins, this record is certainly a visceral listen. Striking and fast-paced, NEWMEDS roar through these tracks with incredibly personal and important lyricism that has impact from the moment you hear them. ‘Twenty Three’ for example is a powerfully paced song that runs a gamut of emotions that combined with those riffs hits you with incredible force. Title track, ‘Nothing Is Heavier Than My Mind’ opens the record at full pelt and keeps going as it unleashs a barrage vocally never before seen with great storytelling that make for unforgettable lyricism. 

The sound of this record though is incredible. Riffs that rip through these songs to perfection and drums that drive the power of these songs to another level, NEWMEDS are an unforgettable sound making music that could punch through walls – Live these songs would be amazing, I hope someday soon we all get to see it, because it will be incredible, I’m sure of it. 

A truly powerful trio of tracks, give this a listen if you need to have your eardrum and yourself blown away. 


Review: Goings – It’s For You.

ITS FOR YOU high res 1600x1600 smaller online u...

This week sees the release of the debut record from Goings, which is released via the great Know Hope Records. The Philly Five-Piece begun back in 2017 and has led them to create self-titled EP that mapped out influences from Motion City Soundtrack to the Dismemberment Plan, dripped with vibrant synth and textbook-grade time signatures.

A band with a talent for melodies throughout, these were such a pleasant listen. Guitars that unwind incredible and twisting melodies that are reminiscent of Math Rock, this band certainly are a joy to my ears. ‘W Blue-Sky Lives’ for example is a great example of this as the band create twirling melodies that work with the vocal so well and that continues on ‘Trying//Dying’ as well as the band bring in incredible guitars, energetic drums and infectious choruses that definitely stand out on this record. 

‘Trying//Dying’ is an infectious track but it is not the only track on this record with those hooks that keep you listening. ‘Haircut 1000’ and ‘Nothing Without You’ are also up there when it comes to big choruses and those great lyrical moments. The falsettos on this record are impressive and the raw vocals that really amp the feeling of the songs also work too, creating a fine balance on this album that I really appreciated – I feel this band really do bring something different on this record, with story telling lyricism and vocals that will put many to shame. 

A sonic treat, this band debut here with a record to be proud of. 

Review: Gianna Lauren – Vanity Metrics.

Halifax songwriter Gianna Lauren’s new EP Vanity Metrics, is released this week via Forward Music Group. With vocals are deeply felt and melodies that are packed with a dreaminess that few do so well, the band supports her perfectly, surging and receding at the exact right moment that makes for tones that if you like Mitski for example you’d like this. 

The melodies never stop working on this record. Languid guitars flow through these songs with sheer perfection and with incredible feeling, a feeling that matches the strength of Lauren’s vocals throughout. Opening track ‘Spark’ makes this particularly clear, and continues on tracks such as ‘Close Chapter’ where the melodies build and bloom into something spectacular with subtle drums and beautiful melodies that make me think this band and singer work together incredibly well, they know her voice so well.

Easy vocals that glide with the melodies throughout this record, Gianna Lauren has a voice you could listen to all day. Husky, gentle tones combine on tracks such as ‘Closed Chapter’ and ‘Disappear’ that make for such wonderful listening, delivering powerful lyricism, that needs to be taken in but also has that touch of infectiousness that allows for a wonderful balance on this record.

A beautiful EP that you need to take your time to soak in, it will be well worth it.

Review: Hector Gannet – Big Harcar.

Hector Gannet - Big Harcar artwork copy.jpg

North Shields’ Hector Gannet this week release their new album, Big Harcar. Their debut album named after a small, rugged island off the north east coast of England contains love songs to the land and to nature, but they don’t shy away from more difficult issues. Hitting on topics such as climate change, class and exploitation all in one remarkable album.

An album packed with broodinmg melodies and melancholic riffs, Big Harcar is certainly an album that has a mood to it and what a mood it is. Incredible melodies allow for tracks such as ‘The Haven Of St Aiden’s’ to really stand out as cool riffs, bass tones and the vocal come together to make an incredible sound. Subtle in moments and then building into powerful moments this is a band that expertly creates melodies that really highlight the tone of what they are trying to make.

Accompanying these incredible melodies are the some incredible vocals. The vocals can be found in the layers and do build these songs in places, however it is the vocal of Duff that really push these songs to another level. Opening the record, ‘The Whin Sill’ highlights the storytelling of the lyricism and the feeling of the record and this is done so brilliantly thanks to Duff’s delivery of his words. ‘The Land Behind Us’ near the end of the record moves in the same vein, which combined with the delicate guitars makes for a superb listen.

A great album that suits the time of the year perfectly, the artistry here has to be appreciated.

Review: The Last Dinosaur – Wholeness.

Album ARt.jpg

 “I lost my job. I lost confidence. I lost my mind. I made this record.” This is how Jamie Cameron sometimes explains the existence of his third album as The Last Dinosaur, which is released this week through Phases Records. A record made via Cameron’s own tenacity, Wholeness is an incredible musical journey.

I have always admired The Last Dinosaur’s work when it comes to melodies and Wholeness is no exception to that. Using the melodies to tell a story, it crafts drama and tension in opening track ‘Wholeness And The Implicate Order’ with rising and building strings and piano mixed in, that makes for such an incredible sound on here. On the flipside you have the sound of ‘Shower Song’ which blends together street sounds, guitar melodies and vocal layers that makes for a chilled out and brilliant song.

In ‘In The Belly Of A Whale’ the use of spoken word poetry in this record with murmuring and shadowy melodies certainly accentuate the sound and the word being delivered are certainly striking against that backdrop. In ‘Shower Song’ the vocals are soft and gently toned with huge, well-crafted sounds that certainly give the song a certain groove that sntads out on this album and makes for an almost haunting tone as the words linger and hook you in, leaving you wondering and curious.

An album that harnesses so much emotion throughout, the composition of this record is second to none, with all the instrumental being perfectly timed and place to build moods in moments – The Last Dinosaur excels here but it shows once again here. Music is not just the food for love, it’s also the food for life, and this is an album that certainly proves that.

Review: Sarah & The Safe Word – Goodness Gracious! Bad People.

This week sees the release of the fantastically named new album from Sarah & The Safe Word. A band that has blend of musical vibes including Dresden Dolls, My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco, this band will certainly leave you with an incredible impression (they certainly did with me, with their last album!). 

A band packed with panache and eclectic melodies, this new album certainly continues in the same style as their former record but with a whole new concept and incredible melodies that play on their spooky energy in combination with their baroque sound. Tracks such as ‘ – “A Celebration–With A Vengeance?!” are great examples of this as the band bring their distinctive sound with catchy hooks that work throughout this record – and just pulls you in to their narrative so easily. 

The melodies are incredible, but the storytelling lyricism throughout this record is on another level. Reminiscent of early Panic! In that respect, this band delve into and deliver dark moments and lyrical pearls that make for such amazing listens. ‘When Oskar Fische Comes To Town’ is a great example of this, as they weave a character in to the album with such incredible sophistication.  ‘The Miscommunication’ is another great example of this creepy in a good way energy combined with incredible hooks that this band create so naturally. 

A band that continue to harness their Halloween vibes to perfection throughout their music, this is a record that is definitely going on my playlists as soon as its released and for the rest of my spooky season! 


Review: The OBGMs – The Ends.

The OBGMs - The Ends Cover.jpg

Canadian punk rock trio The OBGMs are back with a new album this week and a typically raucous new track ‘Not Again’, out now on Black Box. Vocalist and guitarist Densil McFarlane says, when musing on the track “’Not Again’ is about the lies I tell myself when I look in the mirror”.

An album that packs a punch with every riff and bounce od drums, The Ends certainly is created by its means. A cacophony of noise that erupts in all directions throughout, this album live would be incredible and here on record it sounds like a mosh waiting to happen. ‘WTFRU’ is a great example of this chaos of noise as they bring in incredible and chaotic guitars that blas into your eardrums. This album is as a whole a huge new sound that keeps on delivering until the very end of the record. 

Lyrically this band deliver songs that about self destruction and and the lies you tell yourself and that fury burns throughout this record as the band rip through the melodies with some awesome and brutal vocals. Tracks such as ‘Move On’ and single ‘Not Again’ are great examples of this band’s brilliance here and combined with the rambunctious melodies this band deliver every single time on this album. 

A fantastic new record, if you are missing the barrier, this is the album for you, turn this up loud, you’re almost there. 

Review: Edenthorn – A Matter Of Opinion.

Edenthorn this week release their new single, A Matter Of Opinion.  A song about ‘giving the middle finger to anyone who tears you down‘ in the good words of lead singer Kyle Tague, Edenthorn deliver a new and incredibly new single that you have to listen to as soon as you possibly can.

Starting off with fiery and raucous riffs, Edenthorn deliver a powerful punch of sound as soon as this song begins. Edenthorn always have an incredible sound when it comes to their music and this is no exception  as the band return with a new song that makes me live shows so much – this live would take down the place, and not even apologise for it. 

Tague has always been a powerful vocalist and this song doesn’t disprove that for a second. Powering through this song with a raw vocal and lyricism that gets straight to the point the delivery here is awesome and unabashed, getting straight to the point of society today. 

An absolute powerhouse of a song, tomorrow check this one out. 

Review: Tomberlin – Reflections EP.

This week sees the release of new music from Tomberlin via Saddle Creek Records. Recently touring with bands such as American Football and acts such as Alex G, Tomberlin certainly has been around music as good as her own and these five tracks make that abundantly clear. You can give a listen to one of those tracks now, ‘Wasted’ here.

Tomberlin’s last record made this clear, ‘At Weddings’ but ‘Reflections’ also continues to highlight just how incredible her voice is. Delivering storytelling and nostalgic lyricism that keeps you enchanted, Tomberlin has a style that I could listen to for a very long time. From the start on track ‘Hours’ we see that beautiful dreamy tone, delivering some fine and delicate lyricism that makes you stop and listen.

Combined with these, the melodies to perfection. The rhythms on tracks such as ‘Wasted’ are perfectly matched in harmony with her as and these melodies just get better as the record goes on. ‘Songs such as ‘Natural Light’ for example are dreamy, ethereal and as melancholic as the lyricism that work together beautifully on this final track of the record. The natural combination of  music and lyrics on this record is just divine.

A fantastic record that continues to highlight Tomberlin’s talent for melodies and lyricism, I highly recommend you giving this record a listen as it sounds like a dream.