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Review: All Time Low, Tonight Alive and Only Rivals – 15th March, O2 Academy, Brixton.


‘That Is The Moment, that is the fucking moment right there.’ – Alex Gaskarth.

Last night was an amazing show.

Beginning with Only Rivals, a pop punk quartet from Dublin, who after a slightly nervous start really shone brightly in their opening set, it takes a while to get a building filled with 5000 people going but I felt that the sea of change begun when they played ‘The Arsonist’ the crowd changed and their lack of stage presence at the beginning of their small set seemed to get going as they took the stage by storm (though they made it look a lot harder than their headliners) and really got the show going – great drum rhythms and some awesome guitars – they’re excellent support but give them some more time I feel like they’d be excellent headliners, they need to learn from who they’re touring with.

Tonight Alive the first support are already quite well established in the UK, playing on the Kerrang tour for example last January, and I think it will probably be the last time they support anyone in Europe, finishing the set with ‘Lonely Girl’ Jenna McDougall might be fronting the hottest band in music right now, with great relateable lyrics and freakin’ excellent musicians backing every word of hers all the way back to Australia and back here again. What I enjoyed most was the physicality and energy they brought to the stage and the emotion Jenna puts in every song she plays – I think this is helped by having some great guitarists who sometimes seemed to dominate a little to much during the set and sometimes it sounded a little drowned – sometimes it was difficult to hear her. (However this could be the acoustics of the building and the sound guy). Bathwater and The Ocean were also highlights of the short set they played, as someone who had not really heard much of their work, incredibly impressed.

Then All Time Low, All Time Low now how to play a gig – learning from their own support slot with Green Day last year across Europe, it’s very clear someone has the Bille Joe Armstrong Manual to being a Rockstar, no one can bring a crowd to that fever pitch without practice and honing their craft, in the four times I’ve seen All Time Low, I’ve never seen them this good. An amazing show, the atmosphere was perfect, it felt like it was building to something special and then you realised the whole fucking show was – it was a masterpiece of a set with a blend of old and new songs that would please the dedicated and the new (My sister loved the show and the only song she knows is Backseat Serenade!) I do believe, even as a drummer, that Rian Dawson is actually one of the best drummers in pop punk today, I also think Alex Gaskarth has written some of the most thoughtful lyrics of this generation with songs like Therapy and Remembering Sunday that can bring an audience to a standstill but songs like Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver are sure to actually bring the house down, Alex Gaskarth come the next record, sure as hell will be some captain. (That’s a Stay Awake reference, which was awesome live).

I think the great thing about this gig is the fact we have the established, the establishing  and the getting close to being established, All Time Low are now at the stage in their careers that it’s a satellite trajectory from here, Don’t Panic was the best record since Nothing Personal and the next record is going to I hope see them do greater things, and I think this will rub off on their support too, I can’t imagine any of the bands that played not going on to better things in Europe and beyond – I look forward to seeing that happening.

The quote at the top comes from the Straight to DVD show All Time Low did a few years ago, I think it will be harder at this show for Alex to figure out when the moment was because there wasn’t a moment that wasn’t brilliant in their set – See you in 2015!



(Also big thanks to the girls who were in the queue with me, nothing like a gig to make new friends at!)


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