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Reviews: Eagles In Drag – Self Titled.

eid Made up of members from The Maine, This Century and A Rocket To The Moon, this EP was  going to be a melting pot of different styles and specialisms, and all the vibes are there in this  record, the synth sounds of This Century, the lyrical depth of The Maine and some really awesome guitars brought together by Eric Halvorsen and Jared Monaco – it’s a great first offering or great artistic outlet of those involved in the project, beginning with Pretty Girl  Monster and ending with Black Dolphin, I’m assuming as when I bought it, it was Dolpin, it’s  throwing me.

For me the highlight of the EP is Dog Days, Dog Days has everything you want in a song in my  opinion, a great rhythm, changes in tempo but it doesn’t seem like it’s too much, it works really  perfectly, The Maine do layers exceptionally well (look at Forever Halloween) and this EP is no  exception, it has great style and John O’Callaghan’s voice if sold would be a sell out as it’s that good, and knows how to write a song that will get in your head and this EP is full of songs that will do just that, another highlight of the EP, is Buzz, which does just that.

One Four Six crashes into sound brilliantly with soaring guitars, you know these guys work together well as the chemistry is there, it sounds like they’ve been a band for a long time. Black Dolphin as well has all these characteristics too and though some might say some of the lyrics are a bit off the wall – however it gives it more life and variety and doesn’t change just how sophisticated this EP is, it feels thorough but edgy still.

It is a rock EP it just has lots of vibes from electronica on it and experimentation, which to some in the group is quite normal with some of the beats on This Century’s Biography of Heartbreak for example, and probably their own influences, it’s a stylish debut with sophisticated beats for a beginning, I’d like to see what’s coming because not many bands have evolved quite like The Maine so I wonder what could come next with this, I think it’s exciting and unique and has the talent to go extremely far.



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