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Review: The People The Poet, The Maine and Deaf Havana – UEA LCR 1/4/2014.


The whole show was actually put together very well – three bands that blended extremely well with different styles that really made each band stand out but also let the show flow.

The second support The People The Poet a quintet from South Wales was first up and really begun the show, though suffering a few technical issues (their female singer wasn’t really audible throughout the set) they really did begin the show and get the crowd going with groovy guitars and some interesting beats, with some thought provoking lyrics which really did set them apart, what would have been great is to see how the addition female vocals were useful as many commented in the audience that she was unheard and it seemed she was just someone moving her lips, not helped by the loud voice of their male vocalist – however a great set to open with and a band I will definitely look up – great stage presence from the beginning.

The Maine do an excellent show, they are consistent and they never deliver the same thing, bringing rocky beats, awesome singalongs and a way of making a crowd crazy in the right venue whenever they play – and the venue was brilliant for this. The fortunate thing about this band is that they can really adapt to any style they would like – breaking it down for acoustics if they would like and bringing a rock show to the Norwich masses like tonight – though they also had some tech difficulties tonight also, I think they are a great live band which really had a good set and a liveliness unsurpassed on stage that I was glad to see – my one suggestion is to not change the songs up too much, though changing songs is great for originality, sometimes I had no idea what they were playing and I am a fan.

Even though I am a Norfolk resident and Deaf Havana come from the town of Hunstanton, I had not been lucky enough to see this band live until this evening – and boy have I been missing out. A light show like no other and a fierceness in performance – I am not surprised by the noise at the end of every song as it was pretty electric – the sound was impeccable and they really led the crowd – though there were many critics of the quality of their new album, I think some were convinced when they put on the live show as it clearly showed showmanship – clear to me that the quality of live shows have been inspired by their shows with You Me At Six – whose live show has been getting better and better.

Overall it was a quality show with three very different but very good bands – it has consistency of execution and it blends well, something that is rarely done on tours these days – I think anyone who is going to a show over the next couple of weeks are in for a treat, there’s an excellent blend of style and substance here – however it does depend on the mic’s working or some people just needing to be louder, it’s a shame the only female on the tour couldn’t be heard, especially when we have so few females on the british music scene right now – getting another heard is important.



Big thanks to Rhiannon, Poppy, Josh and Sophie for making the queuing bearable for the evening, it was very much appreciated. 


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