Five Songs.

Five Songs By: Paramore.

tumblr_static_paramore.logo.new2The most successful female led band of the century so far, Paramore led by Hayley Williams is one of the most mainstream rock bands right now, Paramore, their self titled album is their fourth album with other albums including All We Know Is Falling, Riot and Brand New Eyes. Throughout their albums there is a degree of maturity with each new record and it shows with songs like Emergency on the first release to the last with songs like Grow Up and Proof – Paramore know how to write a song but also have developed a sound distinctive to them. Paramore will be a band that is often imitated but never duplicated – it would be too difficult.

1. Pressure – All We Know Is Falling, Atlantic, 2005 – Pressure is a solid song an a great debut album that also included Emergency, Pressure is a slick piece of rock music and the attitude that Hayley Williams would bring to all the albums. It shows a tenacity so rarely seen at this point by women in this genre of music – with crashing guitars and a great beat, I think this song was the forerunner of the kind of sound they would make for their careers with twists and tweaks, other songs on All We Know Is Falling that I should mention include All We Know and Here We Go Again which stand out on the album for the same reasons.

2. Brick By Boring Brick, Brand New Eyes, Fueled By Ramen, 2009 – Brick By Boring Brick stands out on Brand New Eyes, with a darker style to it and a song that reaches an excellent climax, it has an energy to it that Paramore do best – the lyrics on this album are very honest and raw, Hayley Williams was quoted as saying ‘I was writing these lyrics, and they didn’t feel good — some of it hurt, some of it was like, ‘Am I being too honest even with myself?’ I had doubts that it was the right record’ but it really was becoming Paramore’s best selling album bar their self titled record – Brick By Boring Brick is emotive and explosive and that’s why you should listen to it. 

3. Born For This, Riot, Fueled By Ramen, 2007 – Born For This is the last song on the Riot! album, and it does bring it considering it is the last song with soaring vocals throughout the song and an awesome end to a great album with great drum stylings and great choruses, the great thing about Born For This is that it is a complete contrast from other songs on the album with an attitude compared to songs like Hallelujah and That’s What You Get, this song is anthemic in a sense and reminds me of later songs like Now for example and harks back to songs like pressure.

4. Still Into You, Paramore, Fueled By Ramen, 2013 – Still Into You is Paramore’s latest most popular song with millions of youtube views, and there’s a reason, a groovy beat and pop leaning styles even though there is a punky edge, Still Into You is a song that a lot of couples can relate to – it’s not really that surprising the song’s success, if there was one song you should listen to by Paramore it’s probably this one right now but you wouldn’t really see just how much this song and the self titled is so distinctive when it comes to Paramore albums with the edginess of All We Know and the poppy sounds of Riot! and the visceral feelings of Brand New Eyes.

5. Anklebiters, Paramore, Fueled By Ramen, 2013 – Funky rhythms ahoy and a raw punkiness of the song, Anklebiters is the next single (and what they’re releasing on Record Store Day next Saturday I will just add on vinyl) Anklebiters is a stand out song because it’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s different and my favourite song off the new record – I don’t think Paramore really need to care about anklebiters any more, they’re taking the world by storm with so much ease and this song, well the album is how they’re doing it and I don’t mind watching.

These are my top five, if you feel different let me know below! 🙂


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