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Review: Call It Reckless, Climates and Neck Deep – Norwich Arts Centre, 21/04/2014.

Tonight ????????????????????????????definitely showcased three bands, one up and coming locally, one getting there and one considering they’ve only been together two years, made it and though it took time to build it, Neck Deep definitely have made it, with album Wishful Thinking coming out in January, this year is really Neck Deep’s year to kill it and with the show I saw tonight, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that difficult. Even though their were issues with the venue it was definitely worth the wait.

Call It Reckless were the local support band, and their experience supporting other bands like Verses and Fearless Vampire Killers definitely made them one of the best local support bands in Norwich – with this experience it really showed they knew what they were doing on stage and how to get the crowd going for the oncoming bands – also I was just glad to see a local female vocalist too who definitely has talent (the whole band does) with an energy on stage that most bands would kill for and some great guitar sections, they would fit on a label like Hopeless better than Neck Deep does, with a exuberant pop punk style that I suspect will get them far and a presence on stage which is rare for a band who are just supporting and not leading.

For me Climates actually look like Pop Punk cliche, they come out in The Wonder Years shirts, they bounce around the stage like pop punk singers do, spinning and jumping around guitarists however they are anything but cliche in sound with a strong mix of singing and screaming vocals and a drummer who I am not surprised they got on stage first because that guy is a gem in that band, with great beats in their set that really worked  and did begin to get the crowd moving around. Climates were a great band to set up for the next band, but the reckless abandon that was going to come next was not like I’ve seen before at a gig.

I’m going to paint you a picture with words, the audience are attracted to Neck Deep singer Ben Barlow, like metal files to a magnet, arms are flung in the air at barrierless stage, the whole crowd is singing along to the song he’s singing in a church hall, there’s people jumping off the stage and Ben Barlow is finding it more difficult to get the mic back from a moshpit going wild at his feet, that is what I call a connection between the band and the audience and I’ve never seen a presence and an energy like it and the sound was awesome too. Riotous guitars and lyrics that anyone can relate to, particularly Apart Of Me – the song that really got them heard, these are definitely songs that people in so many circumstances can understand, my only problem with  Neck Deep is if you pay them to sing, please sing the songs, cos I really wanted to hear them sing the song, and not a hundred kids in Norwich but that’s trivial.

The whole show was excellent though it felt sometimes slightly rushed and pulled together and it made the local support look like true professionals and the band who can do this for a living seem slightly off key, however no matter how little they seemed together when it came to the sets, it was definitely worth seeing, the energy was incredible and the presence was awesome enough to get away with being a little unorganised, because it was an incredible show, I hope they come back to Norwich in the future, I suspect anyone who was at the show tonight will mind.


4 thoughts on “Review: Call It Reckless, Climates and Neck Deep – Norwich Arts Centre, 21/04/2014.

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