Five Songs.

Five Songs By: Fall Out Boy.

NImageamed after the sidekick of radioactive man in The Simpsons, Fall Out Boy are pretty much the essential pop punk band, inspiring a generation of ther pop punk bands and probably pop in general, Fall Out Boy just do things differently, one of the few rocks bands who work with hip hop producers, for example 2 Chainz on Save Rock And Roll, originating from Chicago Fall Out Boy from Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend to Paxam Days recording with Ryan Adams, Fall Out Boy have a hell of a range when it comes to recordings.

1. Dead On Arrival, Take This To Your Grave, Fueled By Ramen, 2003 – Patrick Stump may not be your favourite record, but this is my favourite song on this album, probably the most rock album they’ve made with shouty vocals and crashing guitars – Dead On Arrival is anthemic in some ways with a very relateable theme to the song – Homesick At Space Camp and Where Is Your Boy Tonight/Grand Theft Autumn also stand out on this album, however, Dead On Arrival has the energy and punch that Fall Out Boy are reknowned for and continue to be.

2. Dance, Dance, From Under The Cork Tree, Island, 2005 – Dance, Dance is the first song I ever heard by Fall Out Boy with Sugar We’re Going Down on the same record, Fall Out Boy do bring it together when it comes to songs and everything here works in harmony, the drum beat works with with the guitar riff and the drums in the song though some might say simplistic work incredibly well – this album really moves them from the pop punk roots, however this still is an anthem and a great example of Wentz’s writing style – which is always strong, making him one of the best writers of this decade (at least).

3. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s A Goddamn Arm’s Race, Infinity On High, Island, 2007 – Probably the most listened record by Fall Out Boy, this whole album doesn’t have any stand out songs, cos they’re all pretty awesome – Bang The Doldrums and The Carpal Tunnel Of Love being my personal favourites – more than that it’s very much an album about growing up, indicated by ‘I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears, But None On My Fingers’ and definitely far more pop than punk however the writing is excellent and it blends so well, you can tell this band must work so well together in the studio.

4. I Don’t Care, Folie à Deux, Island, 2008 – America’s Suitehearts is also a standout on this record – the techniques used on this record were a major departure from their previous records and a more autobiographical perspective, with relationships ending and how getting to the top, wasn’t always so great, being ‘in love with my own sins’ – Some considered this album one of their weakest, but I think it’s an album of experimentation and changing things up, which they would definitely do on the next record, Save Rock And Roll.

5. Young Volcanoes, Save Rock And Roll, Island, 2013 – Young Volcanoes is one of the highlights on the latest record, the colliding of a more rock style and the pop style that since they’ve been on Island they’re famous for – catchy lyrics and a funky beat, it’s different but a good different – other highlights include the eponymous, Save Rock And Roll and The Phoenix – this record has nothing to do with rock and roll, please look to other bands for that (The Maine are a good example lately) however it is a bositerous and feisty record that Fall Out Boy fans waited a very long time for.

Wanna disagree with me? Let me know in the comments 🙂

If you wanna hear the songs from the Five Songs By articles, you can find them here on Grooveshark.


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