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Review: Lock Me Up EP – The Cab.

The Cab haveBmBvR1zCYAA-GVv been away a while since last album Symphony Soldier and they returned with this new EP today, the first new collection of songs since 2011 and I think they’ve definitely done a lot of changing up things since then. Going from rock songs to a some extent a more rock and roll  style, particularly the first song Lock Me Up, but then again you listen  Moon and it would fit perfectly in a club – there’s many directions but I don’t think they’re bad – having a Maroon Five kind of transformation it seems apt that they were the last people the band toured with on the Overexposed tour.

Lock Me Up is a damn stomping song, with great beats and definitely a showcase of the vocal range of lead singer Alexander DeLeon, and defiintely would be damn good played live with a catchy chorus that would get the mute singing – something that isn’t something strange when it comes to this band, with songs like Angel With A Shotgun, the only thing for certain really from this band would be catchy songs and on this EP they definitely delivered on that promise with great style.

This might sound offensive and in no way is it supposed to be, but Moon does sound like one of those songs you’d get on a dance stage game in an arcade, with a funky beat and song that would inspire some filthy moves, it would not seem out of place to stomp to it on Dancing Stage at all and These Are The Lies sounds like a song that someone like Chris Brown would be singing, not The Cab – it’s  a brave change of artistic direction and one that I kinda admire.

I’m not sure if anyone can pin down an influence, there’s definitely R and B influences here but there’s ninetie’s boybands in there, there’s indie vibes in there Coldplay vocals and stylings are there, and there is lots of craftily created R and B beats also – and these sounds are blended so well, particularly in the eponymous track Lock Me Up and Stand Up. In some ways it feels all over the place however it pulls together well and will sound better when it’s combined withe the album coming out in the summer as there’s no real flow here on the EP, but if this is a taste of what’s coming, I’m looking forward to it!



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