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Review: You Blew It!, Modern Baseball and Real Friends @ Epic Studios, Norwich – 15/05/2014.

These three bands Real Friendsare definitely a trio not to be messed with – on tour in the UK for May up until Slam Dunk Festival, Real Friends, Modern Baseball and You Blew It! Are definitely three bands similar in musical style, but they all have enough definition to know when one ends and the next one begins, and that is definitely important in a genre that is now ever stretching and no genre is as all encompassing as the pop punk genre – I mean All Time Low and The Wonder Years are in the same one – it’s definitely a versatile area of rock music.

You Blew It! Really needed a longer set, because they only really got momentum half way through their time on stage – a tragedy for myself and fans, that their set was just six songs. This was a shame because their set really begun when they played Regional Dialect – and this was the third song. You Blew It! Are definitely ready for the success the headliner has, with some great drum beats (and their drummer has a hell of a moustache) and some really great vocals – though their music is awesome and definitely worth listening to – they lack presence and it’s like watching a british tennis match, they lose the first set and come back in the second. (And they say pop punk is becoming middle class with a comparison like that) – they need to improve their connection with a crowd, it felt awkward – however they are definitely worth listening to – Regional Dialect and House Address were highlights of their small set.

Modern Baseball are a fun band to listen to, they really are! Modern Baseball definitely found their groove during this set that would make you wanna listen to them for a long time to come. (I have just bought their music, they are that good live.) They have some fantastic guitar rhythms and their songs are brilliant – and definitely Modern Baseball owned the point of the gig where the moment happened and the gig came to life a little bit more. I think Modern Baseball is definitely a band that plays live better and are definitely better than the first act with having a presence on stage and definitely a sense of humour. Worth checking out – I hope we see them back in Norwich soon, I in some ways think they were the highlight of the show – though there was too smaller set to really show their talent, would be my only criticism of this band.

Real Friends, way to wake up a show and turn a show into a gig, Modern Baseball helped, but holy, did Real Friends tip the scale and the audience into finally being a gig – standing beside the moshpit area of the gig to watch the show, very few lead singers can really draw a crowd in like Dan Lambton can – blasting energy even in songs like Hebron where it breaks down into slower songs, the gig still kept an atmosphere with stage diving and a crazy audience. (finally!)  Real Friends definitely made a great end for a great gig. The great thing about Real Friends is that they brought texture, where the other bands had kept their sets fast paced, Real Friends had that pace but also had the slower songs which definitely made a well rounded set which worked most of the time. But if you’re going to break it down, don’t break it down for one song – when creating a set, it does have to flow and having random slow songs in the set makes a set extremely clunky and lacked flow but I don’t think anyone really cared.

I think sometimes on a personal note, the audience is sometimes part of the problem. When Dan Lambton is preaching that no one should hate someone on what a person looks like or who they are and people in the queue are pointing out people and calling them things such as ‘hippo’ it does make you wonder if that person is at the right gig – or whether really it’s all just words on the bands part – which I feel in this case, wouldn’t be. If you go to a gig, please remember that a gig is a safe haven for music fans and insulting them even if they don’t know it makes a person insecure and damages your band too, cos why would someone want to come to a band’s gig to be insulted at it, therefore losing the band money and not returning. (Particularly in a place like Norwich where returning can be rare) – its as simple as this, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. 



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