Music Sexism Debate Erupts Over New Australian Book.


She said her original frustration with the book was the introduction to True Radical Miracle, a now defunct band she played drums for. “And just because it had a male frontman it was given a male title… I put ten years of my life into that band… I didn’t appreciate it being skimmed over.”

In the post’s comments she wrote, “It’s not about men vs women, it’s about everyone getting a fair go rather than audiences have a predisposed bias directed towards one half of the population based on mistakes throughout history.”

As the discussion developed she added, “Perpetuating a myth that men are somehow superior is unfair and not very kind and it makes it very hard for women to get started in music and therefore there’s a continually smaller uptake into the music realm by young women.

“When the vast majority of the male participants also seem unwilling or unaware it also means that we’re constantly getting silently more and more undermined and consequently constantly dropping out of the game also unless we figure out amongst ourselves how to take part and not let the feelings of inadequacy overshadow our practices.”


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