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Review: Go. Fly. Win, Brawlers, Only Rivals and Decade @ Epic Studios, 19/05/2014.

TonightWP_20140519_012 for me, was very much a proving ground for two bands I had seen support bands on tour through Norwich, Decade (who I saw support Mayday Parade in January) and Only Rivals, (who I saw support All Time Low in March) and I think they definitely did that for me, definitely bringing it in a smaller venue, but not losing the energy that they had at the larger shows.

Go. Fly. Win were the local support band, and definitely were a great foundation for the bands to play for the rest of the night, with ethereal melodies in some places and crashing guitar sounds coming in later on in the set, some of the stand outs of the set were definitely, ‘O, Icarus’ which you can hear on the band’s bandcamp. Go. Fly. Win have four guitarists on stage at one time and they definitely use all their musicians to great affect with an incredible sound that left people impressed in the room, the room was quiet but they were certainly not – and were excellent for a small set.

Brawlers, were my favourite band I think tonight, you don’t expect much when their EP is called ‘I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit’ but don’t let that fool you, with catchy (and maybe to an extent slightly repetitive) lyrics and some awesome beats, this band are a collection of musicians from other great bands however, this talent pooled is awesome to watch and if you’re a new fan extremely frustrating as you will find it necessary to want to sing along and not knowing the words will really annoy you. Energetic, that I am surprised they could breathe by the end of the set, Brawlers certainly brought it tonight – I sure hope I see them again for a full set in Norwich, maybe somewhere like the Owl Sanctuary, cos I thinks get could a little raucous with them playing to be honest. If Go Fly Win set the foundation, these guys were the bricks.

Only Rivals, fresh from playing a tour with All Time Low definitely were better playing live in a smaller venue than on the big stages of Brixton, The Arsonist is still awesome live like it was in Brixton as was Details and though they still lack presence they make it up in charisma, and actually being musically brilliant with some sweet riffs and hooks like that found in The Arsonist that if you’re not joining in with them by the end, you’re weird – they have a lot of learning to do but they have the talent to keep going for a while so I am not worried about Only Rivals and their stage presence, this is a band still flourishing and I can’t wait to see it blossom in the future – I am sure hanging out with the bands they are, it won’t take them long to find their feet like they found their guitars.

Decade have some great sounds, there’s no denying that and seeing them do a complete set definitely has improved my perspective of them, songs like the eponymous Good Luck, Won For Sorrow and Thursday were definitely highlights of the set, though they are difficult to choose as they have such a good live show, energetic, melodic and fast paced, Decade were excellent tonight. Decade are definitely a force to be reckoned with and definitely woke up the crowd that were waiting for them to play, with great sing alongs, the ability to unleash some amazing chords and drum beats, this is certainly a band that are beginning to go places, and with an album like Good Luck released in January – I doubt they’ll be waiting long.

Four great bands, with Brawlers being the highlight, it was definitely a night of finding new favourite bands – thanks to Epic Studios for allowing me on the guestlist for this evening and allowing to be able to see it – though patchy in places, there were definitely some amazing moments tonight, and definitely worth being in attendance.


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