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Review: Call It Reckless, Hours and Natives – Epic Studios, 30/05/2014.

Natives @ Epic Studios.

I’ve seen most of the bands before, and Natives and Call It Reckless both stepped up their game tonight with a excellent support from Hours, at Epic Studio tonight, with different styles and contrasting sounds it didn’t sounds samey and made each band sound incredibly unique, which I think is a sign of a good show.

Call It Reckless are a band I think a bunch of very talented people and even though there seemed to be technical issues, they seem to play better and with greater clarity tonight than the first time I saw them at the Norwich Arts Centre with Neck Deep, Mission(?) and Let It Go were highlights of the set they had for me, with a really great energy and a atrong pop punk feel that would make their last gig player’s proud – with a growing fanbase and success through the Red Bull competition getting into the top fifteen I look forward to hearing their new music from them, you can find some good tracks right now on iTunes. Call It Reckless are one of the best local bands in Norwich and definitely worth checking out – energetic, raw and some damn catchy hooks – they were impressive once again tonight.

Hours, who I had the pleasure of meeting before the show are definitely a band who can bring a great sound with some great melodies and have an intensity going into a show that is rare to find in a support band, with influences that include according to them Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and of Wiz Khalifa (they were joking) they definitely know how to play a show – with some great rocky choruses and an awesome indie vibe, they are certainly a band to catch when they go out on tour in August – they certainly can deliver in this slot, seeing a whole and complete set might be one hell of a show – don’t be surprised to see more of them supporting bands like Mallory Knox in the future, this band definitely can hang with the best of them.

Native tonight seemed like a different animal watching them headline, after seeing them play small sets with the likes of Mayday Parade and The Summer Set, those gigs from them seem quite tame in comparison, with some fucky beats and some great hooks, they definitely had energy and a mix of styles that really make the band stand out with drum beats and some great guitars laden songs, this is definitely a band who has a dviersity of sound rarely found in a found that has just made it’s debut album – definitely worth seeing on tour right now, Natives are definitely much better headlining than they are supporting this is a band who doesn’t need the control of a support slot they need to let it go themselves and on this tour they definitely do that.

Thanks once again to Epic Studios for letting me into the show and thanks to Hours for letting me briefly interview them today!



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