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Review: Eliza & The Bear and Awolnation – The Waterfront, 31/05/2014.

WP_20140531_010Due to lack of attention to time today, I wasn’t able to see the first support Odjbox, so obviously can’t review them, but the rest of the show was pretty awesome at the Waterfront, Norwich – both Eliza & The Bear definitely brought an amazing show with them to Norwich and if you like dance beats and high notes, this was definitely the gig for you, so if you live in Norwich and surrounding areas, you should have been there.

Eliza & The Bear make songs that would sound awesome on an Apple advertisement, and in this case I didn’t particularly think it was a bad thing, with some groovy beats and some catchy hooks, I think they did an amazing set. Their sound to me sounded like one that would sound better in a big venue and the room felt like it was going to burst with the sound they were making – though their lyrics seem repetitive and you know all the lyrics by the end of the song, the simplicity seems part of their charm – don’t go see this band for sophisticated lyrics, go see this band for the amazing music they make. I think that Friends was the highlight of their small set.

Awolnation were commanding of that stage, and the crowd were insane for that band, so awesome they broke the PA system, Awolnation are one of few bands that can be ferocious and then quite melodic and soothing in just one move and that seems a hell of a talent to me. Of course Sail was one of the highlights of the set however you can tell they have refined their craft with a crowd, with an incredible technique with a crowd, that a band just beginning on the touring front could learn a lot from (especially support) as I don’t think I’ve seen such a pulled in crowd in the waterfront before – definitely a band you watch for the mega riffs and beats and not so much for the words, I don’t think it really matters anyway as the crowd were hanging on their every word – certainly definitely worth the ticket price.


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