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Review: Don’t Stop EP – 5 Seconds Of Summer.

dont-stop-cd3The most controversial band in pop punk (oh, yeah I said it), 5 Seconds Of Summer have powered through the charts with She Looks So Perfect and have now released the Don’t Stop EP this past Friday, and to be honest I don’t know why this band so controversial to be honest – it sounds like other bands in this genre, compared to bands like All Time Low and The Summer Set for example, this band fit in pretty good and for such a young band that’s a pretty good start – maybe the thing that annoys people is that they’re so young and attractive and it’s a little bit jealousy, but fresh from the Kerrang! Awards and winning Best International Newcomer, I think they’ll be around for a while to annoy people with some solid drum work and some really good writing, things that only can progress.

Reject the first song on the EP, is catchy as hell and has this really good drum beat going through it, with a vibe of early All Time Low in the guitar sound and a real style to it, and has some amazing hooks in the song, it reminds me of british bands like Busted and Mcfly, (it slightly reminds me of Crash and Burn) with pop influences with a hard edge of punk there – a really easy song to listen to over and over again – Reject is a great song, and it would be definitely hard to deny that. Try Hard however totally reminds of Blink’s Take Off album, that guitar intro sounds like the beginning of All The Small Things by Blink 182, and does go on to have that kind of early noughtie’s pop punk attitude.

Don’t Stop the eponymous track is probably the kind of radio friendly song you’d expect from a band in the mainstream (and that’s ok!) with catchy choruses and a very funky beat going on in the track, it’s no wonder it was chosen as the next single after She Looks So Perfect – though I disapprove of guys who can’t take no for an answer (i.e. the point of this song) it’s definitely not the best written but it is the song that is probably that is best produced on the EP with some great vocals too. I can’t find Wrapped Round Your Finger in it’s original version but from what I’ve heard online of it so far, it seems a a more rockier song than Don’t Stop.

Personally I really think all the other songs on this EP particularly Rejects are better written than Don’t Stop,  Rejects and Wrapped Around Your Finger would be my reasons to purchase – it has great progression and some amazing hooks, I think this is definitely a band still working on changing their music and making it better and they are so young still that this is forgiveable – it will be interesting to see what the album will sound like as a whole, which comes out in July and how it will connect together on record.




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