Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Female On Warped Tour.

Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Female On Warped Tour.

Sydney: Always. We’re bound to get compliments like that. It depends on how it is worded. I don’t prefer being called “sexy.” You have to leave it alone. Don’t fight it. Then there’s an extent… yesterday someone commented on a photo of me and my friend and wrote, “Oh you look sexier just by yourself, she shouldn’t be in the photo,” and I blocked the person. They tweeted at me like a thousand times, “Oh my gosh why’d you block me?” That’s just so disrespectful, not just to me but to them. It makes no sense.

Taylor: They’re creating this thing for all the other people who read that to be like, “Oh, that is right.”

Sydney: “Maybe that is true.” I deleted it immediately. It was lame.

Taylor: I was nominated for “Sexiest Female in the UK” by Kerrang. I wrote this thing, I wasn’t trying to botch it or boycott the award. We were nominated for Best Single. Everyone ignored that because I was nominated for “Sexiest Female.” I worked my ass off on this song and none of you care because there is something else distracting you from that nomination. I didn’t want it. If that would have happened I would have been embarrassed. I wouldn’t have said thank you. It shouldn’t be a category of music! It’s f**king stupid.



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