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Review: Go. Fly. Win, Fizzy Blood, Freeze The Atlantic – Owl Sanctuary. 28/06/2014.

WP_20140628_004It wasn’t the greatest gig for many reasons, but the bands did make up for it in many ways.

Go. Fly. Win is a really good local support band, with songs like Horizon and The Hour Has Past (a single they’re releasing in September) their support shows prove just how good they are, even though the acoustics and the audio didn’t really help the gig all that much (being in a basement is cool sometimes just not in this case). I’ve reviewed Go Fly Win before and they still kept it just as good with some great melodies and a bunch of talent that sounded much bigger than any basement that we were all stuck in after a hour delay due to traffic problems with some bands.

Fizzy Blood are a great band who seemed to be taking their sound to new places with some great beats and a really catchy style that made them very easy to listen to, it’s certainly music you would move to, and really a hell of a band coming through in the UK, with songs like January Sun (which you can download for free here at their bandcamp). I hope we see a lot more from this band in the future cos they are one of the most interesting supports I’ve seen recently and do seem out of the place on the billing when you have a band like Freeze The Atlantic on the billing as well.

Freeze The Atlantic are dynamic and sharp and their guitars feeling like being hit over the head with chords. Amazing to listen to and with a ferocious energy that keeps you watching, I think they live up to the hype that magazines like Rock Sound and Kerrang! have given them recently due to band members coming from some other amazing british rock bands – this expertise does clearly show when it comes to playing these tiny gigs and it felt like they deserved a bigger one than a place that can fit 85 people for a gig.

Owl Sanctuary is a relatively new venue for music in Norwich and it does show to an extent with issues with audio where the instruments did tend drown out the vocalist, however it is run by good people and it’s teething problems that will sort themselves out with experience maybe. The venue has some great bands coming up as you can see in the picture. The only thing I would say is make sure you have I.D. as my sister was made to leave being seventeen after seeing three  bands play by security – something that needs to be made clear in venues like this as it not fair on the people who are coming to see shows to be kicked out before the headliner hence no Attention Thieves review.

A good show made good by the bands, which really is how it supposed to be.


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