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Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer – Self Titled.

5-seconds-of-summer-album-artworkFinally we have a 5 Seconds Of Summer album, after a long time waiting for their loyal fans, there is twelve tracks on the record (unless you have a deluxe version from iTunes, but I’m just going to review the album and not the deluxe as most people I suspect will have this version!). Of course we’ve heard She Looks So Perfect and Don’t Stop a lot as they are the lead singles off the album, and they stand alone for that reason – these songs are perfect pop songs with catchy hooks (the hook is the bit you remember from a song, so in these cases, the chorus)  Choruses are something that this band do exceptionally well, and we can see that throughout their EP’s and albums, this is a band who can write a pop song.

I was interested to hear the three songs that were co-written with Alex Gaskarth for the album. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, End Up Here, and Long Way Home, were all co-written with the lead singer of All Time Low and share a lot of styling in common with this band. I do think Kiss Me Kiss Me does begin a little bit cheesy however it is a really good song with a great chorus (not that shocking) and a really catch melody which would make it a great single. End Up Here has a Dirty Work vibe to it (and that’s not a bad thing) and does sound rather generic and a song that does fill up the album. Long Way Home is really heartfelt song and it’s more sophisticated compared to other songs on the album.  (if there was anyone I thought would avoid songs with Kiss Me in, it would be Alex Gaskarth). Amnesia, a song written with the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte is how you collaborate on writing songs as it’s so well written however it’s the song that reminds me most of One Direction on this record and it does feel like an addition as the tempo of the record is all over the place and so production sounds weird.

Good Girls, English Love Affair and Heartbreak Girl other than the singles are really the songs where their writing talent is. Good Girls is really catchy, and has a really unique beat to it that I like. English Love Affair does sound a little cheesy but that drum beat is ridiculous and this band don’t make their songs sound the same which is unique, but they aren’t so different that it doesn’t sound clunky most of the time. Heartbreak Girl has the quality of a single – the only thing I’d call out anyone is the use of friendzone in a song, in that it doesn’t exist. If you can’t deal with the fact she doesn’t want to be with you, that’s your problem, not hers, even if she picks guys that break her heart. If you’re friends with someone to date them, you’re probably not being a great friend. 

Eighteen, Everything I Didn’t Say and Beside You, are good songs, Eighteen is one of the more rockier songs on the album and has some great drums and the guitars are more identifiably great in this song, Everything I Didn’t Say as well follows in that suit and has a very pop punk chorus and reminds of musicians like Mayday Parade and Beside You also has some of that vibe as well.

I’m glad Five Seconds Of Summer have an album now, I guess I wish it was a bit more consistent sometimes as it changes speed quicker than the roadrunner, however there are some really good songs here, Kiss Me Kiss Me, Eighteen and English Love Affair stand out for me on this album – there’s definitely some hope for a revival of pop punk from this with some really punky vibes here, I think in time they will become more sophisticated with their technique (the band is three years old, I’m not expecting them to come out as good as Blink 182 here). In the future I expect great things, but here you have some really good things before they get there.



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