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Review: Pennywise – Yesterdays.

1613118de0a89c23e9401a56b5cd4d31Pennywise are one of those bands that inspired a bunch of other bands in their genre, from Yellowcard to Good Charlotte to Blink 182, Pennywise are one of those bands you should listen to, just to see how they influence others, this is their eleventh studio album, Pennywise formed in 1988 and listening to this record you can tell, staying true to their roots – though this is the first album with Jim Lindbergh leading the band for five years.

This album is an onslaught on your ears from the very beginning and kinda what you expect all at the same time, I’ve never thought of this style as cliche, but there are certain rhythms in songs like ‘Violence Never Ending’ that are reminiscent of future tour mates The Offspring, and ends up kind of feeling quite samey – however there’s no doubt here that they know what they’re doing with some great drum work and some great guitars – but sometimes you can’t even tell where one song is and one is beginning as it sort of melts into one.

There are highlights here however, songs like ‘Violence Never Ending’ are great – and I believe the lead single on the record, ‘No Way Out’ has a great riff in the instrumental and a great hook that will get people singing along on tour. The first song on the album ‘You Get What You Deserve’ is also a highlight of the album, though there is some creativity on this album it feels like much of it has been done already, the irony of this is that this band were probably one of the first bands to make the sound they did.

If you’re a fan of early Blink 182, The Offspring and the nineties and early noughties pop punk scene, you’ll actually love this record as it is reminiscent of that sound dramatically and if you’re trying to find a band to begin with when it comes to this style, this is an awesome place to start – however for me it lacks creativity as a band – however the guitar work on this is pretty awesome due to their late bassist Jason Thirsk, who had left some of his compositions after his death in 1990’s and these have been threaded into the songs on the album.

Pennywise will be touring with The Offspring and Bad Religion over the summer across the US supporting this album, I suspect live it will sound awesome to the dedicated but for the casual fan, you’ll be reminded of a lot of other bands – and considering this band’s longevity that isn’t surprising – you can hear the album stream on Alternative Press here.



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