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Review: Headroom, Diamond Youth and Citizen – Epic Studios, Norwich – 16/07/2014.

TonighCitizen Ticket.t was the first night of Citizen’s first UK tour with support from Headroom and Diamond Youth – all three are great bands with dfferent styles and attributes to bring to a show like this. I feel that they did good with picking the support with these shows and is probably one of the best UK tours I’ve seen this year.

Headroom are a very well honed live band, with some really great guitar melodies, something that struck me from the beginning, with an energetic performance that really made the show begin with a bang – the support tonight really set a high bar for the headliner, the support being some of the best I’ve seen this year. Headroom’s set wasn’t wasted for a second and came out all gun’s blazing – great guitar hooks and some interesting drum beats make this band one of the most interesting I’ve seen.

Diamond Youth on the other hand have one of the most interesting lead vocals with a punky sound I can’t really explain very well – if you invented a niche musical style, this band would be the one you’d want to make it to be honest – his vocals sound kinda like the lead singer of Muse, Matt Bellamy’s – but don’t sound anything like that instrumentally (some might say thankfully), like Headroom some great guitars with some interesting touches. Both support bands are worth seeing and definitely set a bar for a band that is just epic live, Citizen.

I am very glad right now that that night he didn’t crash that car, Mat Kerekes leads one hell of a band, who pretty much drove through a set that was brilliant and had the terrifying power to make people jump into my face – well kinda (stage diving happened). The key turning point of the show as the gig-goers turned into a moshpit of carnage, the effects of Youth, their break out album on a rambunctious crowd was uncontrollable and definitely worth the price of the ticket – Citizen do bring it musically, with some crashing guitars and lyrics that can make people connect quicker than magnets. If you can find tickets go and see this tour, buy merchandise, buy their records, play it loudly in your bedroom, annoy your neighbours, you probably won’t regret it.

9/10. (I’d give it ten if I wasn’t kicked in the head twice and my body used a jungle gym).



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