Don’t Call My Name: My Favourite Eponymous Songs.

Eponymous songs (or songs with a name in them) are kinda popular in rock music, every album that All Time Low has released for example has a song with a name on it (Noel, Holly, Jasey, Maria, Stella sort of, Kesha, Wendy) but going back, songs with names in have always been there, Blink had Adam’s Song and Nirvana had Polly, The Rolling Stones had Ruby Tuesday and The Beatles had Hey Jude and Eleanor Rigby – songs that have filtered into popular culture.

Personally these are my favourites – Let me know in the comments what yours are!

1. Daisy – The Maine, Stay Up Get Down, 8123 – One of the first songs they ever recorded – well, it’s on their first EP – Daisy is a classic pop song and is hugely popular with The Maine fans – it’s catchy and insanely sweet, maybe that’s why. Daisy isn’t a complicated song (on your first EP are you going to be?) However Daisy is a song that blossoms in a way you didn’t expect (I’m sorry for that pun, ok?) with a unique beat for the time.

2. Amelia – Tonight Alive, What Are You So Scared Of?, Sony Music – Amelia is one of the highlight for me on their debut album, Jenna’s voice is incredibly melodic and so are the guitars on this song, and it all fits perfectly to me – Amelia a really heartfelt song as well, with deeply beautiful lyrics that you can’t ignore – a great band to see live as well, watching them as support for All Time Low earlier on this year. Tonight Alive are definitely one of those bands that people are going to see ascend over the coming years – great things are coming out of Australia lately.

3. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys, AM, Domino Recordings – One of the few british bands where you can actually hear them progress on every record, Arctic Monkeys are one of the best british bands right now with some amazing records, AM being their fifth studio album – Arabella is a song about loving someone, and that’s made so abundantly clear as it’s so quirky, probably much like it’s muse it seems – it has interesting melodies and awesome rhythms, that really set this song apart.

4.Caraphernalia – Pierce The Veil, Selfish Machines, Equal Vision – Obviously, her name’s Cara, I’m guessing, but Caraphernalia definitely stands out as a great song with a name in it, with Vic Fuentes voice and the screaming added into the song with the spanish guitar stylings this band are known for – it is an amazing song and one of the key songs to begin with if you’re just learning about Pierce The Veil. Caraphernalia also features the vocals of Jeremy McKinnon, the vocalist from A Day To Remember.

5. Amy – Green Day, Dos!, Reprise Records – Amy is one of the standout to me, slow songs by a lengendary band. Dos! Was Green Day’s tenth studio album – and Amy is the last song on the best album of the three they released. Amy is a simple song, but this is the proof that less is more in my opinion with a simple guitar melody going through the whole song and a gentle hook, Amy is a modern highlight in Green Day’s career. (Modern in that they have been around so long!)

Other songs that stand out to me include, Dakota by A Rocket To The Moon, Jenny by The Maine, Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, I could be here for a while. (And maybe Alejandro by Lady Gaga done like this!)

Add any others in the comments below!


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