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Review: Real Friends – Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changing.

Real-Friends-Announce-Debut-Album-‘Maybe-This-Place-Is-The-Same-And-We’re-Just-Changing’-ArtworkReal Friends this week released their debut album through Fearless Records this week, the rising stars from Chicago are a great investment for Fearless after some excellently crafted EP’s and from the singles that were released before the album release like ‘Loose Ends’ this album did have high expectations.

This album starts slowly, and then sort of crashes into your eardrums, like your favourite car crash, ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ is a very bitter and angry song to begin the album with, with some impressive guitar work and some intricate drum work, and this goes the same for songs like ‘Cover You Up’ the next song up on the album – this album sounds like the greatest pity party I’ve ever heard.

The writing is intricate and has great depth which isn’t uncommon in any record by this band, songs like ‘I’ve Given Up On You’ have shown in the past that this band has a way with melodic balladry however this record feels a lot more personal and vitriolic towards and feels to an extent a little uneasy to listen to and makes me want to make a mental note not to date a lyricist if this is the shit you will get after the breakup, particularly songs like ‘Summer’.

There’s some great sounds here and this album is creative and gives new directions and certainly one of the most deeply rooted pop punk albums that has come out this year, it’s the most melodic melancholy you’ll hear all year – though going by ‘Sixteen’ on this record maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds – a great debut from a band with so much more to do.

You can find the album stream here on the AP site.




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