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Review: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Hypnotic Eye.

TTPATHCover1om Petty, one of the greatest all american writers, a source of inspiration to some great musicians (have you seen John O’Callaghan on Warped? It’s a mirror image) and so reviewing this album seemed the perfect thing to do. Tom Petty has some great albums, most people know him from albums like Wildflowers (which is completely flawless in my opinion from start to finish) and Full Moon Fever which has one of my favourite songs, Depending On You on it.

This album is not something I expected when I thought of Tom Petty, however I do really like it, with some really unique sounds being made still from a man on his thirteenth studio album. Songs like Faultlines stuck out to me, with some really great guitar work that I didn’t expect and some really groovy beats going on in the song, especially on You Get Me High – but there’s still this old school vibe running through it, songs like Red River do seem a little bit of a throwback, however this album is certainly different to previous works by Tom Petty that I know of.

The album’s flow is odd and brilliant sometimes with some songs that sound unexpected, Red River doesn’t sound anything like the next song on the record Full Grown Boy and it does throw you a little bit, but this album has great texture and many diverse qualities to it that make it unique. The lyrics are simplistic however do convey the message of the album and really work the musical stylings of the album, particularly songs like All You Can Carry and Forgotten Man.

Though it does feel a very mixed up album there’s some great songs here and Tom Petty can make a record that is unque in sound and filled with simplistic hooks which make his fans happy – there’s some excellent light and shade here and the pace does change quickly, however it’s easy to listen and really difficult to dislike at all. Even if I wasn’t a fan, I think I could still listen to this record easily, I just hope that he comes back to Europe in the near future with this record to see it all live, cos this album is one I’d like to watch as well as listen to.

You can hear the new record on the Guardian website here.



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