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Review: Basement – Further Sky EP.

Basement, who recently retumblr_inline_n7bjnb04Kh1qzxlbnunited, have released their first new music for a while Tuesday. Further Sky is five songs long and recorded in London – and is currently being streamed on youtube – I found it being streamed via the Rocksound website here. Seeing as they are kinda local (they come from Ipswich) I thought I would give it a listen.

Songs like Jet are really contrasting, his voice working with some awesome guitars, but they blend so well, that it’s unbelievable they’ve taken a break as this EP sounds so cohesive and works together so well. This works out the same on Summer’s Colour (pop punk bands really find Summer something to sing about Citizen, Real Friends, now Basement) the sound of his voice with the crashing guitars does make for interesting listening.

The complete EP is extremely easy listening and I found it difficult not to listen to over and over again, well produced and put together – I’m really glad they reunited if this is the kind of work we’re missing out on. I suspect it might be the best £2 you spend on music this summer (or $3 in America!). Easy to listen to but to a lot of people it will feel like it’s been done before – I look forward to seeing more to see what direction they go in, as three songs isn’t the greatest amount of work to really decide that.

A great start, I just want more of this.



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