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Review: Arkells – High Noon.

highnoonArkells, a band I got to know after touring across Europe and The USA with one of my favourite bands, The Maine, are releasing their third album, High Noon on Monday, which you can hear here at your convenience. Arkells are a band that evolves, with a latin vibe more on their last record Michigan Left to a more acoustic feel on debut release Jackson Square. Arkells are much like their former tourmates in some ways.

One thing I like about Arkells, listening to this record is how they can put political songs, like Whistleblower on Michigan Left or Fake Money on High Noon, next to a personal song like Agent Zero or Come To Light on this record, and it still works – though much has changed between records with a more electronic beat on this record particularly on Come To Light – there is still that natural flow on this record that Arkells do so well, that even though the subject is different, the record is still easy to listen to.

The beats on this album are great and memorable with some toe tapping beats found in songs like Cynical Bastards, Come To Light, 11:11 and Dirty Blonde being my personal highlights. The whole album is versatile when it comes to it’s sound and is definitely a new avenue for them when it comes to their musical stylings, this album oozes originality for them and fuses electronica (maybe), rock and pop influences, Hey Kids is one of those songs that brings all three of those things perfectly together.

Original and creative writing throughout the record with a dancey and rock vibe that not many bands can do well at the same time, this albums has many highlights which makes it certainly worth a listen – considering the music Canada does produce sometimes, I think Arkells with this album does make up for the mistakes that their home country musically makes.


[Edit: The link for the stream no longer works, you can find a new one here]


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