Best Of British: My Favourite British Albums.

These are five albums that have been released by british bands during my lifetime. (If I didn’t make that clear, I’d have to include Rubber Soul, Bleed It Out, Something Else, for example and they’re bands from the sixties, nevermind albums later such as Hysteria by Def Leppard) please feel free to disagree and hit me up in the comments. (These are all male for a reason).

1. Hold Me Down – You Me At Six, Virgin Records, 2010 – My favourite YMAS song is on this album, Liquid Confidence, but this album has some great depth and subtle hooks, which make it stand out, and though their direction changed again on Sinners Never Sleep, I think it really does show the brilliance of the writing in this band to a greater extent. Other songs on this record that stand out on this record include The Consequence and Stay With Me.

2. Sempiternal – Bring Me The Horizon, Epitaph Records, 2013 – This album is so cleverly crafted nd brilliantly written, that you didn’t really know that metalcore could sound as haunting and melodic as songs like Sleepwalking but then songs like Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake is crashing and completely different but this album is pieced together perfectly that all the pieces work together as a whole – and the growth in this band’s sound is so natural but visceral still – it’s no Re: They Have No Reflections, or even A Lot Like Vegas – this band broke the mould with this album.

3. Made Up Stories – Go: Audio, Rubix, 2009 – Made Up Stories is an album that grows on you, and though the band pretty much broke up as soon as it had a taste of success, with Made Up Stories being heavily rotated on Kerrang! in the build up to release – but it does have some great hooks, She Left Me is well written and a good single and Woodchuck sticks out, but people remember this band for Made Up Stories, a song about a cheating girlfriend – which is pretty freakin’ catchy – check them out in reflection.

4. Signals – Mallory Knox, A Wolf At Your Door Records, 2013 – One of the best debut records from a british band for a long time, Signals was an amazing record – with some great beats, some really excellent writing, and some great drum beats. This album is a great foundation to build on and Mallory Knox will be releasing new record Assymetry on the 1th of October and I look forward to hearing what they’ve done. Songs you should check out include Beggars, Lighthouse and Death Rattle.

5. World Record – Lower Than Atlantis, A Wolf At Your Door Records/Sumerian Records, 2011 – Lower Than Atlantis are some of the best british musicians we have, live they are awesome and they make some amazing records and write so beautifully, I am glad everyday that Mike Duce didn’t stick to those jobs that took him from his vocation. Another Sad Song does stand out on this album and so does Deadliest Catch – and all their albums are really brilliant, follow up album Changing Tune is also excellent.



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