Best Of British: Some Of The Best Female Leads In The UK.

Finding female talent in the UK is really difficult, we have a growing scene, but it’s difficult to find women on a scene, in so many other scenes is dominated by men, with only two (or three) women playing the Warped tour here in the UK last november – which is meant to be a showcase for british talent in some ways – it’s difficult to see there’s really females flourishing on our scene, but these are some of my favourites.

1. The Hype Theory – find them on Facebook here – The Hype Theory are one of the fastest rising stars and definitely one of the best pop punk bands we have in the UK right now, with some great riffs and some great writing coming from lead singer, Katy Jackson – writing their album right now after critical acclaim from their first two albums Glory Days and Captives, their most recent release.

2. Sonic Boom Six – find them here – Currently recording their new album with lead singer Laila K, Sonic Boom Six have a political and raw edge, that comes across very very clearly. Great hooks and an energy found very rarely in some bands (I’ve seen a lot of bands live now, who lack energy unlike this band). With ska vibes and a dancey way to their music, this band are awesome.

3. Call It Reckless – Find them here – A local band for me, led by Rachel Holland, I’ve reviewed really well recently supporting Neck Deep and Natives – and done it extremely well, with some great hooks and some great musicians, they can definitely hold their own with such good headliners. Though not recorded very much, their live show is excellent and they’re definitely worth checking out and people definitely agree, recently coming in the top ten to win a spot playing Download thanks to the Red Bull Studios Live In London competition – a band to look out for the future, for certain.

4. Burn So Bright – find them here – I do know that former lead singer, Milly left the band in March, but I can only hope, they replace her with another lady – as Milly was a great lead singer and their debut EP Headlights is a hell of a listen – the band are currently writing and looking for a new singer. Great songs with a real passion, they had airplay on Kerrang! and other outlets with the debut. I really hope they find a good replacement for what they’ve lost as I think we’d be losing out.

5. Skunk Anansie – find them here – probably one of the most influential females in British rock music, Skin, is lead singer of one of the most successful female led rock bands. With influences according to them including The Sex Pistols, Blondie, dub, reggae, electronica, hip-hop and world music as significant influences with their music, Skunk Anansie have some great songs and definitely worht listening to.

I will add a couple of local bands, Best Intentions, a local band from my hometown of Norwich who are led by Ella Lessiter who are also excellent live, although they have been together for about a year they have a small following – recording their second EP recently, I hope they get some momentum going, you can Best Intentions on Facebook like all the others here.

Wicked Faith also two female members in Norwich and definitely have momentum with a loyal following and a distinct sound that has definitely split them apart from other’s in their genre – and now playing shows at the O2 Academy Islington, definitely that is still going places and in the ascendance. You can find them on Facebook here.

If you know any other female bands in the area, let me know and if you disagree please comment!


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