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Review: The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt.

the-gaslight-anthem-get-hurt-album-coverThe Gaslight Anthem have an excellent reputation when it comes to making records – and Get Hurt is no different, lead singer Brian Fallon’s raspy voice really does set this album apart from others with definite rock vibes but also some country links and to an extent pop hooks with catchy choruses and ways to hook an audience in and get them singing along to a record. Get Hurt opens up with Stay Vicious which brings all these things into one song and does set the tone for the album well.

the songs sound so different to one another, Get Hurt’s pace is melodic and slow but the next song on the record sounds like the kind of song you’d catch Springsteen singing,  Stray Paper in this case has some some excellent vocals, and some really awesome and slightly 80’s rock guitars on it and this is definitely continued on the next song, Helter Skeleton – this album is stirring and an album I feel needs to be played in front of the thousands because a small venue couldn’t possibly handle the potential noise that emanates from this record, this fashion is also shown in the opening song.

However there are songs that are melodic and slow, that are somehow so different, like single Get Hurt and Underneath The Ground which are haunting to an extent and really show how different their sound can be with songs that wouldn’t seem weird on something like a late Killers album  – particularly when the songs are sandwiched between the more rock and roll songs on this album, that it doesn’t seem there has been thought in how this album has been assembled, however this album has a really odd way of working together somehow.

My personal favourite songs on this record are Get Hurt, Red Violins, and Helter Skeleton. Get Hurt is an unassuming song that will draw you in and the other two are swaggering and cocky songs that are perfect driving songs – they make me picture old cars driving down old deserted highways of America – songs like Ain’t That A Shame give you a throwback vibe that this bands are known for.

Easy to listen to and some of the finest rock and roll songs of recent times, The Gaslight Anthem have an excellent knack of making records with words and some beats that really will make your toe tap. On a side note I really need to learn how to drive. You can hear the whole album on youtube here.



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