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Review: Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) – You Will Eventually Be Forgotten.

I saw Empire! EmpireEmpire!_Empire!_(I_Was_a_Lonely_Estate)-YWEBF! support The World Is A Beautiful Place earlier this year and though I was left on the fence about their style and slightly amused by their serious style what they bring to their music – I was curious to find out the direction this band would go in next. You can find the album stream for the new record here. Empire! Empire! has a style that is haunting and melodic with great feeling behind their lyrics on previous records.

The record opens with the song they played live on the UK tour, Ribbon about their wedding day, which is haunting and melodic and unsurprisingly emotional, it does however give the listener a false perspective as you may expect a very simple sound as shown here, but this album is more complex than that with well thought out rhythms as shown very well on the next song Cold, Dark And Lonely –  this is perfectly illustrated. Keith’s voice is unique in this style and is I found this band much easier to listen to recorded like this than when I heard them live, songs like We Are Not Numbers sound musically awesome.

I really like the lyrics, they are thought provoking and easy to listen to, but the music they are played over is really good, the melodies created on songs like You Have To Be So Much Better Than You Thought and Foxfire are some highlights in the new record, something I felt lacked a little in the live show, I feel that with this new record will be added with beats that are fuller and easier listening.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) are one of the most interesting bands I’ve seen live this year – and though sometimes the beats can seem a little repetitive to an extent, there’s definitely something special about this duo, a very real but slightly surreal thing they have, putting memories to rhythm and then making something kinda brilliant to listen to, songs like If It’s Bad News, It Can Wait are really good examples of that. Sophisticated and thoughtful are really two good words to describe this record – it won’t take long for you to really  notice the talent on this record.


The new album comes out on August 19th on Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Top Shelf Records.

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