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Review: Twin Atlantic – Great Divide.

First sintwinatlantic_greatdividegle off the album, Heart And Soul does have a huge hook and is definitely catchy but is certainly no predictor ofthis album’s style, with opener, The Ones That I Love, being folk in sound and very simple – which is followed up by the more pop melodies of heart and soul which certainly make this record a lot less defineable and a great beat running through Hold On that really makes the introduction to this album seem out of place.

The album has a rousing experience to it, which makes me think this album would be a hell of a record played live, as shown in their Reading festival set this weekend, this band do work live extremely well and so I’m not surprised by the way they write their songs – their songs infectious and melodic – but with pathos, particularly songs like Brothers and Sisters – a song that certainly has the ability to connect and a way with words that only this band can do eloquently – songs like Oceans have great depth (no pun intended) and really show their composition to their best.

Twin Atlantic have made a great record with a lot of sophistication and some excellent hooks and some brilliant writing that I won’t be surprised will be on some girl’s wall in the near future – it does change direction very quickly, however it does flow excellently and with some great highlights which don’t even have to include Heart And Soul and that sometimes can be a challenge for some bands – definitely worth a listen.



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