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Review: The Color Morale – Hold On Pain Ends.

The Color MHoldOnPainEndsAlbumArtworkorale, one of the bands that joined Fearless last summer, are releasing their record, Hold On Pain Ends on September 2nd and thanks to the lovely people over at Rocksound I can review this record, you can hear the album stream for HOPE here. Live this band are pretty exceptional after seeing them on the Road to Warped tour in Norwich last year, this band will be returning to Norwich to support The Word Alive with Like Moths To Flames at Epic Studios in October touring this record.

Damnaged and Outer Demons the first two songs on the album have some amazing drumwork, and this pretty much drowns everything in most of the songs except the Garret’s voice which is unique when it comes to their genre with a more rough voice brought to the record than many in the genre. The first two songs here are also two singles on the album and this really doesn’t surprise me with a fast beat and some really interesting intros that aren’t very typical for metal at all, this is also shown on Lifeline (Left To Write) as well.

Later in the record there’s certainly an enhanced place for guitars with some classic metal riffery right there (is riffery a word? Well it is now) particularly on songs like Prey For Me and Scar Issue, songs like Is Happiness A Mediocre Sin?  really does show the talent to a greater extent on this record

Though there is a lot of screaming too, there is some great singing, songs like Scar Issue have some great singing, so does Suicide; Stigma as well which also features Dave Stephens, vocalist of We Came As Romans – but this is best highlighted by The Ones Forgotten By The Ones Forgetting, it’s simplicity being one of the reason it does stand out on the record but how a song like that can be followed by the screamfest that is Developing Negative with Craig Owens is really something new to me.

There’s some great work here, and though The Ones Forgotten By The Ones Forgetting and Hold On Pain Ends seem anomalies on a record that really goes at full speed, it’s an interesting album with new styles and nuances with their work, it does blend well and works to the band’s strengths and also some of the best names for songs I’ve heard all year.



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