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Review: Pulled Apart By Horses – Blood.

After their acatsppearance at the Reading and Leeds Festival over the August Bank Holiday  Pulled Apart by Horses released a stream of their album Blood on the NME website, which you can find here. With great critical acclaim for last record Tough Love – this band have a lot to live up to with this latest record which is released on the second of September.

The album opens with Hot Squash and ADHD in HD, which are great openers for the album with great musicality being displayed with some great guitar riffs and some great hooks in place. These are easy to remember and perfect for the tour that they have coming up in September – though with all these hooks it feels like it lacks depth at the beginning however this does progress throughout the record. Though the detail is there with different vocal styles being displayed throughout the record which certainly makes this band seem like they’re trying different styles and pushing their boundaries on each record, this is shown on Lizard Baby.

The album works well together and really related to the DIY style that this band are used to when it comes to their sound with a very rough but clear recording on this album and this works to great effect on songs like You Want It and Hello Men. This album has a sort of industrial vibe to it and this paired with lead singer’s Tom Hudson’s voice it marries perfectly, though sometimes it feels like a bad gig, the singer being slightly drowned out by the music that is going on beneath their vocals, however this isn’t always the case songs like Skull Noir  and Grim Deal are cases in point.

It’s a good record with plenty of hooks, plenty of guitars with lyrics that will work at a gig, it’s an album that will bring people in I think – though I think sometimes it sounds just like noise not music I wanna listen to – there’s experimentation, there’s great ideas I just feel it ticks over.



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