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Review: Circa Survive – Violent Waves.

Album-74472-1722848-violentwaves900Circa Survive are now in the eighth year of being a band and this new album, their fourth is the first to be self released by the band – and today is the release of the album and the dvd so I thought I would check out the tracks and see what their fourth record really is all about.

This album goes from a light to dark sound, from a slow paced track to a more thunderous track by track and it does work for this record, which really works to lead singer’s Anthony Green’s voice – this band seem the example of indie rock in this genre. The contrast is pretty clear between the first two songs, ‘Birth Of The Economic Hitman’ and ‘Sharp Practice’.

This album has many highlights with different grooves to it that make this album have the ability to stand out in it’s genre particularly on songs like My Only Friend and Think Of Me When They Sound. My Only Friend has a very ethereal feel to it and brings with a light guitar riff that makes this songs bass sound awesome, this is also the case for ‘Think Of Me..’ also with the ‘ooh’s’ that also begin at the start of the track the guitars are something that really unites the whole of this record reminding me slightly of Empire Empire (I was A Lonely Estates) recent record in some ways.

For me a lot of this record feels like it’s been done before and there’s no new ground been trodden lately – I like this record it has a groove to it, but I can’t help but feel there’s other bands in some ways doing this better and in more original ways – there are songs that stand out here like I’ll Find A Way for example but all in all it feels pretty nineties a lot of the time.

You can find an album stream for Violent Waves on Pure Volume here.



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