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Review: Emarosa – Versus.

Eemarosa_versus_RGB-200x200marosa being led this time by Bradley Walden, has a very patchy history with it’s members but are certainly consistent with the quality of their records with the last two albums they have recorded both recieving praise from critics. New album Versus came out on the 9th September (this past Tuesday).

For the first few songs, I spent comparing them to other bands that are on Rise Records with them, bands like Sleeping With Sirens for example, and it didn’t feel particularly unique this album, except Warner’s voice which has a remarkable range, especially on the track ‘A Hundred Crowns’ and ‘I’ll Just Wait’  – this album is definitely easy to listen to and compared to earlier tracks by the same band, it’s almost unbelievable it’s the same band on the EP after losing it’s metal influences and going towards a more alternative rock sound on this record, which will work perfectly with Yellowcard on tour in the future.

It’s difficult to say something that sticks out, cos if you left a room and came back to it, I think you’d have to check if a new song has begun sometimes, however songs like ‘But You Won’t Love A Ghost’ has some great guitar work threaded throughout the song but it feels a little tame. Drum work on songs like ‘Say Hello To The Bad Guy’ are really distinguishable too and are definitely worth a listen, the openers are also worth a listen too – ‘America Deja Vu’ and ‘People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play’.

‘Mad’ was certainly the best choice of the first single but it does lull you into a false sense of security – cos so few songs match up to it, maybe Gold Dust and 1996 On Bevard – I just feel like there’s an awesome EP here and not a great album and this band have such a great reputation, I expected more and I feel a little disappointed.

You can find a stream on the AP website here.

6.75/10. (I feel six is really too harsh, but seven is too much).


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