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Review: Climate Control – Tidal Wave.

ccClimate Control, a foursome from South Africa, release their new single Tidal wave recently, and have been doing great things in their home country, getting on to the top ten on iTunes in their homeland – dropping the video which was recorded at RAMfest this year a few months ago. The single, has amazing production on it with work from Joey Sturgis who has worked with the likes of We Came As Romans, Of Mice and Men and Asking Alexandria and this song doesn’t disappoint at all.

Lead singer, Nicolas Gonzalez is remarkably unique and has a brilliant range, and with the thunderous guitars that crash into this song at the beginning, it’s a remarkable first single and it makes you wonder what is next from this band in the future. There’s a certainly a talent here for writing and it works well with the blend of guitars and drums on this song which I hope is a sign for more to come.

a band beginning to go places, check them out on youtube (above you can see the video!) or you can check them out on facebook here.



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