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Review: Hostage Calm – Die On Stage.

Hostage_Calm_Die_On_StageThe five piece band from Connecticut release their third album, Die On Stage tomorrow on Run For Cover Records. The record was produced by Will Yip who also produced Youth, Citizen’s latest offering and La Dispute’s Rooms Of The House, so this album has excellent production values so the prospects are good! Now to the record.

Listening to this record it’s actually very hard to find a flaw on this record, seriously, that good, it’s got some amazing grooves, excellent guitars and the writing though sometimes a little repetitive, for example Fallen Angel on this record, it works because the talent instrumentally makes up for the quality of the lyrics (and who constantly wants deep lyrics anyway? haha) with punk influences thrown in for good measure – this album is something that comes together perfectly and reminds me of early pop punk influences, especially songs like Your Head/Your Heart for example.

Melodies on this album on songs like Raised and opener on the album When You Know are awesome and this album is catchier than the common cold, it’s like this album is kinda the one I’ve been waiting for years, and it’s turned up in dramatic fashion banging on the doors shouting ‘let me in, please!’ – and I’d never listened to this band before today. That’s how good it is. Great guitar work and drumming is unbelievable, if this album doesn’t put them on the map, I don’t know what the hell will, to be honest – I just wish they were coming to a city in my proximity in the near future to come play it. (Come to Norwich, we have Millie’s Cookies!)  as they tour with Man Overboard now in April due to injury with Man Overboard.

You can find an album stream of Die On Stage here at Under The Gun, and you can buy the album for $5 on Run For Cover Records bandcamp which in the UK is just a little over £3 for an album so go buy it now, or I will judge you.



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