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Review: American Hi-Fi – Blood & Lemonade.

PromoImageAmerican Hi-Fi’s first album in five years, ‘Blood and Lemonade’ came out recently (September 9th) and is now available through Rude Records. Reviewed favourable for last record ‘Fight The Frequency’ American Hi-Fi have a lot to live up to with this new record.

Opening track, Armageddon Days where the title of the album comes from has an amazing hook and really brings the noise with the guitars in this record – these lyrics are more memorable than your most embarassing memory – this album is definitely written from some awesome experience, as lyrically this album works perfectly and certainly know how to get people singing along. Every song is short, but pretty sweet.

Guitars on this record stand out completely, the writing’s great but those guitars on songs like ‘Coma’ stand out dramatically, and lead single ‘Allison’ are freaking epic, the guitars come at you with gravitas with these songs and it feels like all the time away from the studio has been spent getting creative with what you can do with a guitar – and I am very thankful for it – and ‘Amnesia’ deserves a special mention, the ferocity of the guitars on this song perfectly match the lyrics. Drummers are often underrated but that guy shouldn’t be one of those guys, the stamina for a live show with this gig, he needs a good stock of red bull.

If I had been away for a while and wanted to make an album I’d kinda like to sound like this, it’s simplistic, but really easy to listen to for an album that has the pace of a puma, technically brilliant – these are songs that I’d love to hear live, cos these songs would kick ass with a crowd. This is just really my kind of album.



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