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Review: Gnarwolves – Self Titled.

Gnarwolves_STGnarwolves released their new album at the beginning of this week, the punk rock band from Brighton have been critically acclaimed through their EP’s Funemployed and CRU respectively, and so their debut album is expected to be a great record – you can hear the new album through the magic of the Kerrang! website at this link and you can catch Gnarwolves on tour (including Norwich!) in November/December of this year where they will be supported by Prawn and Public Domain.

I think the first thing you really noticed about this record is the guitar which just kick your head in with the speed of their sound and the quality is excellent, on songs like ‘Smoking Kills’ and opening track on this album ‘Prove It’ the guitar work is really kind of awesome – and Smoking Kills has one of my favourite lyrics in it, ‘we weren’t raised to be f*cking morons’ succinct, lads, succinct. And this band certainly know how to work together, the drums on this record are equally as excellent particularly on songs like ‘Hate Me (Don’t Stand Still)’ and the simplicity of the drums on ‘Ebb’ is worthy of note, certainly a case of less is more, but then it builds and it’s certainly not so simple.

Lyrically it’s pretty good, if you’re looking for catchy choruses this album is not right for you but there are songs on this record it would be foolish to not play live cos I can’t believe people won’t be shouting the lyrics along with them at a gig – I think it’s a great record to debut with after some excellent EP’s, it’s raw and passionate and kinda how I’d imagine a punk record in this decade – these songs would feel at home on a Tony Hawks game (I was a fan), it’s skater punk for 2014 and I like it.



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