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Review: Rob Lynch – All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul.

Rob_Lynch_All_These_Nights_In_Bars_Will_Somehow_Save_My_SoulI saw Rob Lynch a few months ago now live on the Warped Tour UK Acoustic Basement tour and he was awesome, I remember in particular Stamford (which is on this album) standing out in that set, so it was clear to me that this guy is able to write a song – so I wanted to hear this record as soon as I knew it existed, and here I am, review the thing.

Catchy hooks ahoy! This album really is the acoustic dream in my opinion, great melodies and unique beats, this album feels like a culmination and the bringing together a huge amount of work and talent, songs like Broken Bones and My Friends And I, are perfect examples of songs that anyone would sing along to. It’s a feel good record, which reflecting on the records I’ve listened to lately, is different and uplifting and this record is more impressive than I remember being in my live review.

I think there’s certainly a brilliance here with it’s simplicity and there’s a lot of repetition (see True Romance and Stamford) however there’s definitely some excellent work here and I think once again there is certainly a less is so much more here – there are songs like Widow that are just so brilliantly executed that I feel this album really reflects the growth of the writer’s style, with an album that is split in two halves.

If you like acoustic, you’ll love this record – it’s different, it’s vibrant and catchy beats to tap your toes along to, songs like Feeling Good is just one of the songs that can put a smile on your face – I think this guy won’t be playing bars forever.

You can stream the whole album on the Rocksound website here.



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