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Review: The Bunny Gang – Thrive.

PromoImageThe Bunny Gang, a band that is led by lead singer of Flogging Molly, Nathan Maxwell are releasing on September 23rd, their new album Thrive, a band that plays a mix of different styles from reggae to rock, and so this should be an interesting blend of a record, and the first single released on this record was ‘Sirens Through The City’.

The album opens up with what seems like a ska influenced song with interesting and new sounds with a funky beat to it, ‘The Reckoning’ is a good song to open up the album with though it feels that it lacks punch, which compared to ‘Sirens Through The City’ seems very odd, coming through as a song that brings it a lot more and I probably would have opened with that instead. Illegal Market and Pave The Way are definitely reggae routed songs with a gentle reggae vibe and style to them – this album feels a little confused with lots of sounds going off in different directions, though sometimes it’s awesome to make an album in a week, it feels it sometimes.

There are definitely songs that stick out, I love the melody and lyrics of Beach Coma, it’s poetic and written excellently and this followed by the instrumental Waves really works so well on this record, however this is followed up by We Are The Ones, which certainly speeds this record up very very quickly and I don’t know if that’s good – this song maybe working better earlier on in the record, but I would have probably made it the lead single and I bet it would be good played live. Beach Coma is that song that makes you feel like the album is going to begin changing direction and it does, just not in the way you expect after a full instrumental piece.

This album was always going to have different vibes on it going in different directions, there’s definitely some great songs here, Beach Coma, We Are The Ones and Sirens In The City are definitely tracks that you would want on your iPod, certainly worth a listen and you can do that on the website here.



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