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Review: The Vincents – Song For The Sea.

unnamed (1)Remixed by Courtney Taylor-Taylor of The Dandy Warhols, because when he first heard it he said, ‘Is this not the sickest and most totally believable heavy rock motherfucker ever?’ This song has some high praise, and this song is added to by Courtney after working on this song and remixing it with the band, and this song is being released on October 3rd through Fifa Records, you can find the song via soundcloud here.

This song, listening to other The Vincent songs is similar in it’s raw edge and groovy guitars, which really works with the remix that Courtney did with this song, the introduction to this song is awesome with a slow building riff and then the drums coming in to give this song something dramatic about it, there’s definitely a talent here for music that it’s clear that Courtney Taylor – Taylor picked up on in this song.
Heavy bass and some awesome grooves in this song, if you don’t like this song, you’re a bit weird in my book – you can check out The Vincents on Facebook here  and you can see them on tour in Ireland and the England in October and November. (Also worth checking out Who’s That Boy? On their debut record, Valley Of The Sun, which is catchy as hell).

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