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Review: No Bragging Rights – The Concrete Flower.

No_Bragging_Rights_-_The_Concrete_FlowerNo Bragging Rights recently re-signed to Pure Noise Records after being the first band to join the label back in 2009, and Concrete Flower is the product of this reunion with their label – this album is their fifth album to be released and they will be on tour in the near future as support for Senses Fail.

If there’s an album that builds on it’s sound, I’m sure it’s this record, with a blossoming throughout the record, it’s apt that this is really shown on the track the album is named after, ‘The Concrete Flower’. This song has some awesome hooks and some really awesome drum work, that really brings the beat on this song along with the guitar for the ride – this song is certainly one of the best tracks on this record – The drumming on this record is distinct and really is a formidable foundation for this record, and the guitarist and him work really well together as the sound blends really well – the sheer power on this record must surely be the reason why the songs are often just over two minutes long, just listen to ‘Outdated’ and ‘Attention’ to see that.

The lyrics are angsty and emotional, songs like ‘Right Minded’ and ‘Fallen Masters’ really reflect that on this record with lyrics show some reall inner turmoil going on, and the quoting of Rocky Balboa in this song really reflects that premise with a struggle internally that is really put into this album and just set off like fireworks.

This album is good, and Martin Alcedo (I googled that) the drummer in this band is just flawless on this record, I don’t think I’ve heard any drummer for a while bring it like he does. The eponymous song on this record is definitely one of the highlights along with Attention and Damager: Recover. There’s nothing particularly new and you’d find something similar from other bands but the emotion, the production and the way this band work together really give it the strength it needs to be a great record.

You can find a stream for the album on the Revolver site, however I found the stream on the AP site here. Happy listening!



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