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Review: Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien.

Hesitant_AlienAhh, another My Chemical Romance member’s album, another day, Gerard Way the former lead singer of the emo band of my teenager years is to release his debut album on September 30th, and thanks to Alternative Press I can bring you the review and the album stream which you can find at this link, so you can listen to Hesitant Alien to your heart’s content.

This album really does like it’s inspired by some of the sounds coming out of My Chemical Romance’s last album Danger Days, with more pop beats and futuristic sounds that make this album sound interesting, particularly on song like ‘Action Cat’ and ‘Zero Zero’  for example, however this album has more pop rock vibes particularly on songs like ‘Brother’ and ‘Juarez’ for example, with lots of technical rhythms and funky sounds – the guitars add a lot to songs and the whole record flows really smoothly, well produced and coordinated, it’s stitched together extremely well.

though compared to MCR records where lyrics had a lot of meaning (I mean they wrote a concept album about death) and there is to an extent here but there’s more hooks in these songs and more catchy songs, ‘Drugstore Perfume’ is a good example of that and ‘Let’s Get The Gang Together’ are really catchy songs on this record – there’s certain originality and oddities that you would just expect from someone like Gerard Way – and the range of his voice is shown so much in songs like ‘How’s It Going To Be’ you don’t hear much on other records it’s like saving the best for his own first.

A great debut was expected, and it was delivered, it’s infectious and stylish and certainly a really great display of his talent with a different side of the Gerard on display and reminds me in some ways of Frank Iero’s debut which I wrote about here.



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