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Review: Flights – History Be Kind.

SCY047coverBristol natives, Flights release their new album on Scylla Records on October 6th, a follow up to their Self Titled debut EP which had much critical acclaim from Big Cheese and Alter The Press! So I thought it would be a good record to write about.

Flights are really obvious about the bands that influence them however it’s certainly not a record that feels like it’s copy and pasted with some incredible guitar work that builds into crescendos that are really uncomparable, songs like ‘Empire Gone’ for example is a pretty heavy song and considering this song is then followed up with ‘The Ghost Of Things’, this album is really is bold and original from the very beginning.

However this band do know to pace a song, songs like ‘Tired And Worn’ really do show the talent and sound of this band and record and every song works perfectly together – the songs are well written and there’s a great flow to this record.

There are certainly songs that stand out on this record, ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’ was on first listen one of my favourites on this record, and the subtle drum work on ‘Night Pool Supervisor’ really makes the song stand out in my opinion and added to the ethereal-ness to the song – the sounds sound almost delicate and light but excellently well constructed reminding me of bands like ‘The World Is A Beautiful Place..’ for example (if you like them, you’ll like this). Each song is quite long, however I think this album is quite dramatic and I think it works on this LP excellently, last song ‘Doubt’ really show this.

definitely worth a listen, if you’re looking for catchy tunes, this is certainly the wrong place but if you’re looking for some excellent musicians, you definitely struck gold, I can’t really think of anything terrible to say about it, it’s that good.

You can find a stream of the full album on the rocksound website.



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