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Review: Exotype – Self Titled.

PromoImage (1)Exotype, another new band on the Rise Records label, release their first record on the label on October 7th, are a hardcore band with apparently catchy hooks and hardcore breakdowns, so let’s find out how true these suggestions are and give this record a listen.

From the beginning this band go really heavy, ‘Stand Up’ has some amazing vocals and the guitars from the start blast your eardrums like the song has gone nuclear, ‘Wide Awake’ will lull you into a false sense of security with their peaceful introduction to the song but the screaming will kick in and it will come at you like a freight train – considering how long some of these songs are on this record, boy do these guys have some amazing stamina – the energy on this record is relentless.

This album is ferocious, songs like ‘For Those Afraid To Speak’ and ‘Relentless’ are certainly that, with an explosion of sound that makes the guitars on this album really clear, and techno beats on these songs really work with the dynamic of the sound on this album, making it sound original and really one hell of a record to kick a mosh into touch with some aplomb. It’s well written, songs like ‘Nanovirus’ are catchy and really pull a listener in, I suspect live this record is going to be awesome if it’s executed as well as it is on record here.

A great debut that will work well I’m sure on a tour with The Amity Affliction (who they’re currently on tour with) and there’s really good songs here, that seem well honed – I think Rise Records probably made an excellent choice with these guys, it does blend extremely well and though it feels a little noisy sometimes (Illuminate feels like it was just stuck on the end for the sake of it) and it can be a little repetitive, it’s definitely worth a listen.



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