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Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Self Titled.

lowerthanatlantis-400x300_tLower Than Atlantis, are one of the best rock bands we have in the UK today and live they are pretty damn good, as you can see from my review of the show here from the end of July – and finally their new album has been begun being streamed on the Q website – find the stream here.

Here We Go, a song that was originally going to be a B-Side on this record, is a great lead single on this album and really does open the album well, this band have definitely flourished with their writing technique and can write some amazing hooks and that’s certainly shown on the first two songs of their new self titled album.

Riffs abound on this record as well though, songs like ‘Criminal’ and ‘Emily’ for example have some really interesting guitar riffs going throughout the song, and this band certainly work so well together, everything works together really well on this record, and nothing competes to be heard but also nothing gets drowned out on this record which looking at records lately, is quite easily done.

‘Just What You Need’ and ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ are the more slow songs on this record, and sound awesome, but if you’re looking for old school LTA you probably aren’t going to find it here, this album is easy to listen to and definitely got some awesome choruses – giving it a more mainstream sound. There’s some great riffs on this record undoubtedly, and you notice the drums on songs like ‘Number One’ very clearly.

Not the first band to go in a completely different direction from before, and to be honest they do it well, there’s some great songs on this record and this band have always had the ability to make an awesome record – ‘Emily’ is a bit creepy to be honest but it’s a great song, ‘Here We Go’ is awesome, ‘Time’ also stands out – definitely worth a listen, but for me it lacks punch, there’s nothing that revolutionary (like Go On Strike for example) here.



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