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Review: Drama Club, Fearless Vampire Killers, Attila and Black Veil Brides – UEA LCR 9/10/2014.

????????????????????????????Last night the ‘Black Mass’ tour came to Norwich, headlined by Black Veil Brides, and it was an eclectic mix of bands that really worked considering how different they were in their own ways.

Drama Club did really surprise me to be honest, they sort of grew on me throughout the evening, almost made me think this might be what Slipknot looks like on Acid, however, they are one of the best opening acts I’ve seen all year and I know how it it is to get a crowd moving at the beginning of a gig, it’s like fighting an ocean sometimes and Drama Club were really the perfect choice to do that job – catchy beats and of course that remix of ‘They Don’t Need To Understand’ off Andy Biersack’s debut solo work went down a treat – as soon as his face appeared, I think ovaries exploded.

Fearless Vampire Killers, who are very quickly becoming a band going places, who are also hometown heroes here in Norfolk coming from here, had a really good show, having two singers in the bands really works for this band, with great vocals live and some really great riffs, particularly from what I saw the bassist did some really good work last night – a band that is definitely on the ascendance, they are certainly great live which will certainly keep working to their favour.

Chris Fronzak’s voice is I think a loudspeaker from hell, cos I don’t think I’ve heard a screaming voice sound quite so hellish in all my life – in a good way, it’s insane live, it’s like something posessed kinda literally – there’s definitely an incredible noise coming from this band, I think Attila’s 700,000 thousand fans almost already knew that on Facebook, there’s some killer riffs and their drumwork is incredible, live they come over as just a blast of insane music hitting you in the face, if their noise was a person you’d be black and blue – it was a hell of a set.

Black Veil Brides, are one of those bands that really will be considered a band that defines a generation of young music listeners, like All Time Low have, like Green Day did, etc, it’s a style that I don’t appreciate as much as those two, however you can’t deny they have a chemistry with a crowd, and they have to, cos the audience at their gigs carry them – they have a great drummer, they have some great musicians, however it does feel watching it that a tour is just really the singer’s personal ego road trip especially clear at his rant at people who looked bored – I paid £20 for this ticket, I will look as bored as I like (it’s the most expensive gig I’ve been to all year) – I remembering him saying he would ‘break his bones’ to play a good show, but it felt like a guy wandering around a stage, screaming and singing a bit and letting the crowd lead – and I could have heard most of the gig, leading a sing a long outside the venue.

I do understand that BVB are a very popular band and have some really inspiring lyrics, if there’s a song I’ve picked up from my sister who is a huge Black Veil Brides fan is ‘In The End’ and really the most important part of this gig is were the crowd happy to be here, and they certainly were. The gig was engineered excellently too, with a great speed between sets generally, three cheers for the engineers and a lighting set that would make the aurora borealis look kinda boring – an incredible amount of talent that surprised me.



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