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Review: New Found Glory – Resurrection.

Resurrection  Cover ArtNew Found Glory, who recently released new album, Resurrection through Hopeless Records (which seems like a perfect match to me) are streaming their new record through Rolling Stone (well, that’s where I found it) and I thought I would give it a listen.

This record is written excellently, with catchy choruses, this is shown in particular on this record in ‘The Worst Person’ and ‘One More Round’ for example, and songs like ‘Ready And Willing’ is one of the stand out tracks on this record as well, the guitars really building this song, which work so well together on this whole album, in the article where you can find the album stream, Chad Gilbert is quoted as saying “If you’re a fan, wondering what era of NFG [the band was formed in 1997], it’s a new era, it’s a new sound — it’s one guitar, one bass, riffing together and creating a new sound and big melodies.” – I think that’s completely legit.

‘Selfless’ the opening song, does remind me lyrically of another song by another band on Hopeless, and that’s All Time Low, it’s like ‘Weightless’ but for the person who has lived a bit more, this whole albums really flows well together and is really produced perfectly, though I’d change some order around, I don’t think it particularly matters – there’s not a bad song on this album, I’ve heard every single one – there isn’t one song on this album that sounds like it shouldn’t be there and considering Resurrection has thirteen songs on it (which is pretty long compared) that’s quite something, it feels like it has been crafted perfectly.

This whole record is pretty awesome, songs like ‘Angel’, ‘Vicious Love’ and ‘One More Round’ stand out to me, but really pretty much every song is awesome – it’s a harkening back to older records by this band, reminding of songs from Sticks And Stones, which is certainly no bad thing at all when this band were at their peak – great guitar riffs and amazing drums that musically work awesomely together, it’s just pop punk made by people with enough experience to make an amazing pop punk record.

New Found Glory will be headlining the ‘Pop Punk’s Not Dead’ tour  with Only Rivals, Candy Hearts, State Champs and The Story So Far in the UK next month.



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