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Review: The 8123 Tour: Nick Santino, Lydia and The Maine – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 11/10/2014.

????????????????????????????Last night was a damn good show, with Lydia and Nick Santino having their first UK tours (Nick Santino as a solo artist anyway) they clearly wanted to make a good impression on their first tour across the pond. 8123 are a collection of artists on the same management, that include The Maine, This Century, Nick Santino Lydia and a few others and all the artists on the bill were part of that same company.

Nick Santino’s small set, around 25 minutes really had some great moments, considering he was the only person on stage, he had a great presence on stage and considering it’s just him and an acoustic guitar that is quite an accomplishment really – there was a good connection with crowd, but it feels like he still lacks experience of playing on his own cos it seems kinda awkward and that he’s looking for backup a little, hence the reassurance from the crowd – however, he’s talented and that will come in time, after being in a band for years, it’s not particularly shocking.

Lydia, who had a really cool set, with some really great grooves and some awesome hooks, Best Nights being one of the highlights of the set, one of their most catchier songs, but they do work incredibly well together and definitely some great records (my personal recommendation: Paint It Golden) – live they’re a great band with great musical finesse but it lacked presence sometimes however it was a great set and definitely raised the tempo of the show for preparation for the headliner.

The Maine probably had one of the best sets I’ve seen them do (this was the sixth time I’ve seen them, I know, you can judge me), John O’Callaghan, lead singer of the band had one of his best live experiences, normally hunched over the microphone hiding somehow, he seemed much more comfortable last night than other shows I’ve attended – and it was a great set list, songs like ‘Colour’ and ‘Like We Did’ really got the crowd singing along, and if you’re a The Maine fan and don’t know ‘Into Your Arms’ you’re rare – a crowd pleaser always – it was the final night of tour and this was definitely the kind of show you would want to finish a show off with.

A great show for the end of tour and three bands that worked incredibly well together, I look forward to these bands coming back to these shores in the future.



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