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Review: The Acacia Strain – Coma Witch.

PromoImage (2)Coma Witch, The Acacia Strain’s seventh studio album is released tomorrow through Rise Records. Known as one of the heaviest bands on the scene with thunderous drums and that voice that sounds like Hell has an inmate on the loose – if those two things aren’t really your thing, Coma Witch is not a good choice for you.

Cauterizer, the lead single on this record isn’t light, it’s guitar riffs smash you in the face with sound and definitely lyrically, it’s certainly not one to play in your nearest church, they’ll probably throw holy water at you – the drum work is sensational and lead, I would say singer, but that is not singing that is just roaring down your ears (and excellently done) Vincent Bennett’s voice is dramatic and works well the music, though it feels sometimes out of synchronisation with the music and it feels a little displaced sometimes.

Tracks that stood out for me were, ‘Holy Walls Of The Vatican’ the soaring guitar riff in this song melds really well with his voice and it’s pace is incredible, this is also the case in songs like ‘Nailgun’ – however as you go on sometimes the guitars begin to sound the same on certain songs – it’s good to have a sound, and it’s unique, it’s just not good to use the same one too many times, however on songs like ‘Graveyard Shift’ things do change up. The drums are pretty freakin’ ruthless on this album as well, creating devastating runs, ‘delusionalisphere’ and ‘Whale Shark’ are good examples but the drum talent here is pretty abundant everywhere on this record.

This album is intense, heavy and melody laden which would make any deathcore fan happy (happy and death in the same sentence seems odd), relentless in pace, it’s a good record which is definitely been honed to perfection over years of experience, experience you can definitely hear – there’s definitely change from the last record here but sometimes feels there’s not much change between songs on this album.

You can hear a stream of the album here if you wanna give it a listen.



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