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Review: Milk Teeth, Seahaven and Balance & Composure – Epic Studios, Norwich – 15/10/2014.

WP_20141015_002I had been looking forward to this show for months, as Balance and Composure, really know how to make a record and really wanted to know how they did a show, and finally they come to Norwich and play, a year after the release of their sophomore album, ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’. Here’s my write up of last night’s events.

Milk Teeth, are a band that certainly interpret their influences into their sound but do make it their own, with a Nirvana-esque sound and the kind of vocals that would make the nineties proud (they even do cassette tapes!) and have a really good live show – with songs that really are a great foundation for something bigger, this band has some amazing  guitar work and the vocals are excellent, ‘Swear Jar’ stood out to me. The female and male vocals work really well together – and definitely a band worth seeing live again.

Seahaven are so good live and so natural at playing live, I actually forgot they weren’t the headliner last night for a bit, with some interesting drum work, which really suits them and some really great melodies, this band kick butt on stage and it feels like they have a really developed a live show which works for them but also works for the crowd. I was just glad to be honest they played ‘Flesh’ live in their set,  my favourite tracks on ‘..Reverie Lagoon’ – definitely the moment where the pace changed and switched the tempo of the gig-goers.

Balance and Composure, are certainly not a band to be messed with, they said themselves at the gig Norwich was the best show on tour, cos people were moving, the first of the stage divers on tour – songs that stood out live for me, were ‘Void’ the opening track on Separation, the album that got them recognition, ‘Burden’ a track they dedicated to people who knew them before Separation (which is just annoying, music isn’t for the few lucky ones who got their first), and ‘The Things We Thinking We’re Missing’ the eponymous track of their most recent record – some terrific riffs and a chemistry with the crowd last night, really made this show memorable.

A combination of great bands last night at different stages of their vocations, certainly worth seeing if you can.



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